Desktop Goodies: Flonne Rainmeter

New design! I tried to make it myself and it turned out pretty good. Found a good picture of Flonne from Disgaea and decided to work on this design. I don’t know if the logo is relevant to her, but anyway…

Skin Name: Flonne Rainmeter

File Size: 279 KB

Color Theme: Red, Blue, & White


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


2 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Flonne Rainmeter

  1. Awww~!!! What a CUTE and AWESOME rainmeter skin~!!!! <3

    Flonne is my 3rd fav. Disgaea girl, 1st being Etna, and 2nd being Yukimaru! xP

    Oh, but have you ever played any Disgaea games, out of curiosity? If you haven't, they're games that I would recommend if you enjoy tactic games with hilarious plots and characters. =P

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