Black Lagoon: Hardcore Action Pack Style Anime For Bloodlust Craving

I know you probably say that this is a quite old anime but I actually have the opportunity to watch it because I was in a bloodlust state. And my, do my selection didn’t disappoint me. So, for those who haven’t seen Black Lagoon yet, then what are you waiting for? Grab the damn thing and watch it. Black Lagoon is currently airing the OVA version: Roberta’s Blood Trail and previously the show have done 24 episodes or some like to say that episode 13 through 24 is the second season: Second Barrage.

So, what does the anime have to offer? Well, of course guns, explosion, and a lot more guns. But is that enough? Hell no. You have badass chicks wielding guns and the setting is some backwater city called Roanapur (Is it in Vietnam? But it’s a fictious city by the way). Where was I? Oh yeah, Roanapur is filled with high-profile criminals and it’s the safe heavan of convicted felons.

There we have The Lagoon Company who are specialized in delivery any certain package and there’s where the story begin. Rokuro Okajima is a normal businessman who is working for Ashi Industries in resource investigation department. His luck ran out when he was held hostage by the Lagoon Company.This and that, let’s skip over the action about the Asahi Industries wants to eliminate The Lagoon Company before they send the CD containing the Asahi Industries crime act.

After the action has settled, the Asahi Industries has announced that Rokuro has died  to cover up the smuggling deal that Rokuro was unconciously participate upon. Having no where to go, he decided to take offer The Lagoon Company offer as a pirate. So, there you have a boy meets girl anime, which in this case a badass chick from America and was born as a Chinese descendant, Revy.

Revy prefers to call him Rock and so Rock is now living in Roanapur, where he looks out of place with all the criminals in there. Roanapur is really a fucked up place. Basically, you have three factions that controls the entire city: A Russian ex-military reserves who fled from the Afganistan war called Hotel Moscow, The Chinese Hong Kong Triad, and The Colombian Manisarel Cartel.

So, you can imagine how great and badass this anime can be for a setting like that. I would not leak anymore story since it will soil the fun of watching. But I will leave you with this cool AMV to get you a sneak peak of the anime will be (Spoiler Warning Alert, though).


2 responses to “Black Lagoon: Hardcore Action Pack Style Anime For Bloodlust Craving

  1. This one is really great and they’re releasing a series of OVAs, this season they’ll release the 4th one.

    Allow me to suggest: Karas
    Karas was released in 6 OVAs and later compiled into 2 movies named Karas: The Prophecy and Karas: The Revelation.
    It takes place in a city where a number of murders have happened in which the victims appear to have had all their blood extracted. It turns out there is someone controlling the youkai and turning them into something else… The city itself then summons a guardian named Karas to go and punch the evil in the face!

    It may sound like just another anime but search around on youtube, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed^^

  2. Hay its looks like a good anime but i just got the first book to the black lagoon serie im hoping to get the rest of the book in the next to weeks there on there way from the USA i want then so bad

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