On Spotlight: Dave Chappelle

If you have been following the blog post this week, there was a post about 100 best insults in movie. This post had to do with that (Well, at least the insults). May I introduce you to Dave Chappelle, a standup comedian who noted as one of the best comedian who uses racist slur as a part of his jokes. I began to like his performance when I was on my early days watching Blue Streak, where he performs as Tulley.

Anyway, Dave Chappelle is a great standup comedian. He can give you every insults there is and you will still be laughing. To be honest, I love jokes which has no regards of decency as long as the joke is clever. I mean why do you have to be decent? It’s a joke and just laugh. At least that’s what he does. Not only that he laughs at other race, he also laughs at his own race.

All my life I have been a fan of two standup comedians: Lewis Black and Russell Peters. After seeing Dave Chappelle, I now admire three standup comedians for being funny and at the same time clever in address their political perspective.

I love his show and to me, his show is way better than SNL. So for you who love comedy and is not a pussy of offensive language because it makes you cry, get a hold of this guy as one of your must see standup comic. I bet you will be into tears in no time.


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