Series of Random Game Posts Part 2 – Final Fantasy Versus 13

Hello everyone~

If anyone likes the Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Hearts series, then you will most likely be interested in this game!

This is Final Fantasy Versus 13, and a trailer of the gameplay has been released today and is available to view below =)

Along with Versus 13 being released, Final Fantasy 13 itself is getting a sequel. Rumors say that this sequel will be providing a lot of improvements so hopefully we can see something great~

Anyways the trailers are below enjoy!

Final Fantasy Versus 13


Final Fantasy 13 – 2



18 responses to “Series of Random Game Posts Part 2 – Final Fantasy Versus 13

  1. Great videos. I’m glad I follow Randomness Thing because I’m not really actively looking for videos like these. >w<

  2. Yay! Today, as soon as I heard about FF XIII-2, I immediately thought: wait, what about versus?
    Imagine my surprise when I check my feeds: Omfg Versus XIII on randomness thing =D

    I sincerely hope that square-enix improves on XIII in the sequel. Being a huge fan of the series, I really miss the old games. I remember finally reaching Ultimecia on FFVIII, taking 2 more years discovering little secrets and, 4 years later, stumbling across the lunar escape pod xD My disappointment was great when I played through XIII… =(

    Well, gotta keep our hopes up^^

    • I was kinda disappointed by that in XIII, you only get to be in a high tech city in the beginning and the end of the game. I don’t want to spoil it for you but I think the setting of XIII-2 has something to do with where you spend most of the time in XIII.

    • But when I see Lightning, I think of her in Modern age with her modern suit. Seeing her in medievil suit like that, I don’t know, kinda funny? Is it related to the first story by any chance? I haven’t played it yet, though. Pardon for the ignorance here.

      • So far it doesn’t look like the plot has anything to do with the first game, everything so far is new (except the first part of the trailer which is where the game ended). Light’s armor, the place she’s at, the one she’s fighting…
        Nothing we can do but wait for more info from Square. I do have a couple of theories though…

      • So in XIII the story took place in a planet / city called Cocoon (the high tech city you see in every trailer) and another bigger planet called Gran Pulse which is mostly wilderness and ruins of an old civilization. The place where Lightning is in the trailer for XIII-2 doesn’t appear to be like the futuristic setting we see in Cocoon. In fact, it looks more like an old stone temple to me. I don’t imagine a place like that existing on Cocoon but it doesn’t quite look like it’s in ruins (at least not as ruined as the ruins we see in XIII) so my guess is that the characters are, in some way, trying to rebuild the world of Gran Pulse and someone or something is trying to prevent them from doing that. Or maybe Light just got herself promoted, explaining the new outfit, and is just on an exploring mission of sorts (although I can’t think of many who could promote her after the events of the first game >.<).

        Well… that's my interpretation of the trailer. I really don't think the plot will have much to do with the first game since most of the villains could probably use some phoenix downs right now… xD

  3. Mm I am not too sure myself. I plan to pick up FF13 and just power through it for the story later >_<;
    But yes, I heard that they plan to add towns, and the linearity it had from the first one would be improved. Not too sure what they plan to do though~

    • First I was thinking the same, but I keep getting the same result when I repeatedly refresh the page. Maybe some minor bug on the website. It’s not the first time TokyoTosho has experience this kind of error.

  4. this video still cant showed to public~so tat why been block~ouch, i wish i just got dowload it just nw =D
    any ppl got?i wan download it =(

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