Top 5 Badass Heroine

Alright, time for another top 5 pick for badass heroine. I’ve been craving for some blood action thing and these girls are the people who satisfied my bloodlust frenzy. Remember, this top 5 is not absolute and may be bias since I only rate them as far as anime I’ve watched. So if you have some opinions that differs from my top 5, then let’s debate. Anyway, let’s go!

Kagura from Gintama

Hah! Didn’t see that coming, huh? Neither do I. But it was a surprise that the anime that quench my bloodthirst has to be from Gintama. On episode 142nd, Kagura lose to her Yato blood which always yearn for bloodbath, turning her to a mindless killing machine and made her face to be insane-like murder. This is just great, I was waiting her to show her true self since she was holding her urges before until this episode. She was practically busting her enemy ass off and she even can’t recognize her friend, Shinpachi. So, I give her the honor for being the most surprising badass girl.

Revy from Black Lagoon

A Chinese descendant who in the past lived in New York. She is the muscle of The Lagoon Company, a delivery agent who can deliver anything. Revy is such a badass girl with her two pistol and even got the nickname, “Two-hands” for her profound skills in handling two guns at the same time. She has an untold bad past during her childhood as one episode when The Lagoon Company meet an CIA agent telling her that if the CIA found that she were alive, they will shit in their pants. One thing to be said, chicks with gun? Never bring a disappointment.

Naoto from Dogs: Bullets And Carnage

A sole survivor from a murder attemps that kill all her family, Naoto trains her skill in knife-handling. I always love a clean kill with minimum weapon and knife would be a perfect match with Naoto persona. Gotta love it when you can swipe your enemies without making to much noise and in a close distance just to feel the blood splatter from your enemies.

Balalaika from Black Lagoon

Being a Russian ex-millitary soldier, Balalaika took refuge in Roanapur to become one of the biggest influence in controlling the corrupted city. She got her own nickname, “Fry Face”, for her notably scar on her face. Balalaika leads a force of Russian ex-millitary officers called Hotel Moscow who accepts dirty jobs such as eliminating a certain power in a region. If there is a motto, that would be “We never finished our job quietly. It has to be a blast”

Busujima Saeko from Highschool of The Dead

If weren’t for her feminine side and vulnerability that she show during the 9th episode, I would’ve put her in a higher place. Busujima Saeko is a highschool student who has a cool and calm demeanor but holding a bloodlust inside her. She practically enjoys the sensation of killing and she is in her esthatic state when she is killing zombie after she got her katana. What makes her sane up until now is her refusal to kill children, even the zombies one. Because she declares that her humanity left on her sympathy to the children.


17 responses to “Top 5 Badass Heroine

    • Those names might be some badass chicks but they aren’t quite living in a grey to dark area. I love a badass hero or heroine that’s not “an ally of justice”, but the sole purpose of they eliminating bad guys only just for money, thrill, or any basic ego especially revenge. Now, that’s talking about reality. Faye Valentine can be in that area but not quite much. I don’t know about Ergo Proxy, though.

  1. You forgot Doraemon……….. Just Kidding :3
    Abe from Beelzebub and Alucard from Hellsing are also scary… :3

  2. I would say to include some from Higurashi and Umineko but I can’t really say there were any “heroines”, just crazy chicks killing other people in a bloodbath of psychotic rage. Good stuff.

    • Well, you could say they are badass in their own way. But the thing about Higuarshi or Umineko is that they are not living in a real world which quite unrelated to my motivation in considering them badasses.

      Maybe bloodlust freaks is the correct term for them.

      • Point taken.

        But hey, the weekend is coming up soon so I’ll actually have some free time off from college work and I’ll try to shoot up a few posts in that time if I don’t get too distracted.

  3. Saber(Fate/Stay NIght)!!!! She does KILL for the Grail does she?? *hehe or maybe Saber Alter*
    Totally agree with Busujima Saeko from Highschool of The Dead!!

  4. Obviously the person who compiled this list is simply too young to have seen Slayers or Nuku Nuku.

    Actually, I might revise that to say that just about any character played by Megumi Hayashibara tends to be at least as badass as anyone on this list. Although two of them which come to mind are men trapped in women’s bodies so maybe they don’t count.

  5. Does Lina Inverse ever killed anyone really? Or rip her enemy to shreds? I don’t think so. Yeah, she might be a badass for her Dragon Slave magic which can explode a mountain but not kill a single human being (At least no gore scene involved).

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