Wandering Son: The Early Day That We Went On

Ah, sorry for not updating this blog for a long time. I was on a tight project deadline at work and have the time to post today. So, this season anime where I assume it will be boring might turn out to be a little bit interesting after all. I was discussing this anime with Luci-san and she said that I should give this anime a chance.

So I gave it a chance. First episode shows you about a boy, Nitori Shuichi, who is overly cute in his first day of middle school. Well, not much can be said until the middle of the episode where it turns out there is more conflicts to be served.

Turns out that Nitori has confessed his love to Yoshino Takatsuki, but he was rejected. And also, Nitori rejected Saori Chiba who is a friend of Yoshino Takatsuki. When Saori Chiba finds out about Nitori’s confession, those two were never be friends again since.

Well, a classic love triangle story. What’s next? Turns out that Shuichi Nitori loves to cross-dress as a girl. This hobby was due to the recognition that Saori Chiba gave for Shuichi Nitori, that he was meant to wear girls’ outfit. Now you see, I would’ve stop watching when a trap comes to the surface, but the show really keeps me reeling since the reason of him cross-dressing was he likes the attention and the praise that people give to him. It’s not even related to his sexual preference, which keeps me interested.

Now, Shuichi Nitori has a sister who is a model and she is really pissed off about his brother’s cross dressing hobby. Then, the show really gives me the reason to watch even more since the reason she hates him is that she is jealous of people calling him cute. Now that’s talking about reality. So you have a simple anime with a lot of conflicts to be address and I don’t want to spoil the fun for you by spilling out the story.

What I can say about this anime is that although it contains a hint of traps, yaoi, yuri story potential, the anime wraps the story so sweet that you can relate into and give sympathy to each and every characters.


3 responses to “Wandering Son: The Early Day That We Went On

  1. looks like a cute anime. I’ll add it to my evergrowing ‘To Watch’ list >.<

    So, has you thirst for blood been sated yet? xD :P

  2. Almost every gender bender manga, or you might say manga which contains these “traps” i’ve read, mostly like you said ” likes the attention and the praise that people give to” them. So i’m not surprised but these type of shows somehow still appeal more to the males rather than females. [I thought they would not mind them until i saw my friend’s face when she read the manga].

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