Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail Review

This season has been not so a disappointment after all. Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail episode 3 has been out and I have been waiting for this episode. You can expect a lot of blood splatter actions in this anime with all guns and explosions.

For you who haven’t watched the first and second season of this anime, I would recommend you to watch it first since it is important to get the background of the characters first. If you decide to read this through, be warned of some spoilers though. However, I will keep it minimized so not to spoil the fun in watching the anime if you were decided to pick this anime up.

So, the story revolves around the Lovelace family. The Lovelace family is one of the 13 prominent South American family. The family is considered one of the weakest family with low income and now can only afford one maid. In this story, the head of the family, Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace, was killed by the Colombian Cartel since his politic views are considered to be threat.

Roberta, formally known as Rosarita Cisneros, who is a devoted maid to the Lovelace family took a stand by once again regaining her Bloodhound persona, a murderous persona when she was an assassin in Cuba. She swore vengence upon the people who killed her master and left the Lovelace family.

So, I guess I would stop there since continuing would be revealing important spoilers. You can expect that there will be a blast blooded action in Roanapur once again since there will be a triangle chasing story plot. Roberta chasing the Colombian Cartel, CIA chasing Roberta, and Garcia Lovelace, the successor of the Lovelace family, is in search to find Roberta. I have watched the third episode and it’s just keep getting better and better every episode.


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