Level E: A District 9 Turned Comedy

Okay, one anime title that I think worth watching would be Level E. Do you still remember District 9? A Sci-fi movie that depicts how humans were invaded by aliens and to that they were building a society there. Or perhaps you are more familiar with Men In Black, which depicts that humans were not aware of aliens that are already invaded earth since they are in disguise using human skin.

This anime has the same as both of those two titles. An alien story plot with many comedy in it. If you are wondering about the graphic of this anime which resemble the kind of graphic of 90s manga, that’s because the manga has already been there for quite a long time.

However, the story is brilliantly funny and I laugh my ass out. You have a human protagonist and an alien protagonist who crash landed on Earth and lose his memory. As an alien he lacks of common sense and basic decency (although there is more to it on why he is acting this way).

To sort things out, this anime is really hilarious with many slapsticks jokes. The aliens were pretty much made me laugh and the third episode is just so hilarious. Anyway, I’m talking in blur since I don’t want to spoil the fun off you guys to watch. So, I guess I will be leaving you with the trailer you can watch.


4 responses to “Level E: A District 9 Turned Comedy

  1. Udah lama gue gak nonton anime ngakak sampe teriak2 “wah cacat banget nih”. Bener2 refreshing diantara lautan harem dan moeshit.

    Definitely goes above the diagonal!

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