Series of Random Game Reviews Posts Part 1 – Demon’s Soul

Hello everyone~

I am still waiting for an album to arrive so meanwhile I decided to post a review of games that I have played through.

This game is for the Playstation 3 and it is called Demon’s Soul. This game was released in October 9th, 2009 for North America,  Japan on February 5, 2009, and June 25, 2010 in Europe.

Story: The story takes place in the kingdom of Boletaria, ruled by King Allant XII. The kind is a very greedy man, and because of his greed, the king searched for power and prosperity through a dark ritual of channeling the power of souls that brought prosperity to Boletaria. It did not last long, because the Deep Fog covered the land’s outskirts, disconnecting the kingdom from the outside world. Nearby kingdoms sent scouts to investigate but they never returned after entering the fog.  It was only after Vallarfax of the royal Twin Fangs broke free from the fog that the rest of the world could be told of Boletaria’s plight. By channeling souls, King Allant had awakened the Old One, a great demon residing below the Nexus. With the Old One’s awakening, a dark fog unleashed demons who feasted on the souls of mankind, where those left alive without a soul became insane and violent. Without resistance, the fog slowly begins to spread beyond Boletaria. After Vallarfax had warned the kingdoms, many brave warriors attempted to save Boletaria while others were swayed  harnessing the demon’s souls, either way many were lost to the fog. As one of these warriors, the player takes control of one such warrior who enters the lost kingdom, however shortly after entering, the warrior is killed by a great demon. After dying, the hero, now in soul form, appears in the Nexus greeted by the Maiden in Black, a mysterious and blinded patron of the Nexus who then gives the player a quest to travel through Boletaria and retrieve the demon’s souls to gain power and eventually free Boletaria from the Old One.

Gameplay: Players take control of their character in the third-person aspect which they can customize for gender, class, name, etc. There are many starting classes to choose from such as the knight, thief, magician, and much more. Each class has their own set of stats, starting gear, weapons and type of magic that fits the player’s way of play. There are two phases (I guess you could say different) of the game and that is when you are alive and when your in soul form.

The great thing about Demon’s Soul is that online play is integrated into single player experiences.For example, when playing through a world, you will see white phantoms which are actual players progressing through their own world.  You may also see blood stains on the ground and when you interact with the blood, it shows the last few seconds of a person dying. If you die, your blood stain will appear where you died 5-10 seconds of where you actually died. You must return to where you died to obtain the Souls( explained later) you lost. Another part of the game is the Blue Stone System, When you are dead you can set down a Soul message. These messages can be seen by other players (who are alive) and they can summon you into their world. The objective is to help that play kill the boss without you or that player dying. The reward is Souls and being resurrected in your world.  While the Blue Stone System is nice, there is danger with it and that is the Black Stone System. While you or the player that is alive can summon Blue Phantoms (other players) into their world. Black Phantoms can randomly invade that person who is alive, and kill them. This game in my opinion… is the one of the most cruelest games I have ever played. To level in this game, you must use Souls, which is the currency of this game. Souls are also used to buy and repair items. However when you die in a world, you lose those souls. As explained above, you must get back to where you died and touch your blood stain to recover the souls you lost. If you die trying to get those souls… you lose them.

If you thought that was bad, it gets worse =x

In this game there is a system called World Tendency, The world goes from either white or black, where white is good and black is bad. There is also a Tendency for the player as well. How it works is when you defeat a boss in a world, the World Tendency becomes more white, however when you die in that world, the world becomes darker. When the World Tendency is white, enemies are easier, while when the Tendency is black, the enemies are harder. To top it off… When you die when you are alive or in soul form, the monsters come back to life so you have to fight through the level to get back to where you were!

This game may be very difficult at times and sometimes very frustrating, however that’s what brings the challenge. This game is very entertaining and can be even better with friends. Just make sure you have some sort of communication because in Demon’s Soul there really is no way to communicate unless you send a mail via PSN.

If I were to give this a rating out of 10 I would give it a 9.8/10. I still play this game today, and the experience in game is just amazing =)

Below is a trailer of Demon’s Soul. Hope you enjoy the game too!




3 responses to “Series of Random Game Reviews Posts Part 1 – Demon’s Soul

  1. Ah yes, now I remember. I read on the review that this game is frustratingly difficult. Hmm, sounds challenging. Still wandering why Fatal Frame 4 doesn’t come on PS3. It would be wicked.

    • mmm I remember playing one of the Fatal Frames. The story seemed very interesting. Sorta sad I never got to play it fully =x

  2. I didn’t find the first playthrough to be difficult. When people say that this game is difficult, they’re refering to the following playthroughs (in which the enemies HP is increased for every playthrough).

    I would really recommend everyone to play this game. It took me about 40 hours to get through my first playthrough.

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