Jon Stewart: The Man Who Made The Difference

I would like to address this blog to Jon Stewart, a man who is a hero and has been inspiring for his views in politics. Although he is a comedian who does his shows in The Daily Show, Jon Stewart is a prolific commentator when it comes to politics.

One of the shows that made me in aw of his ability to move people was on the last show in 2010 when he addresses the Zadroga bill. If you don’t know what Zadroga bill is, it is a bill to give the 9/11 responders a health benefit in case of any illness regarding to the help they give in 9/11. It is named after an NYPD police who died of lung cancer on 2006 because he inhaled to much toxic during the WTC fall down.

The Zadroga bill was held up by the republicans or as they say “Filibustering” and to put a shame more to it, they are prioritizing the Tax cuts for the upper 200,000 dollars earners. Be reminded that if the Zadroga bill were put in a up or down vote, this bill will definitely win. But I guess, the Republicans won’t have it that way, since helping those heroes will cost a fortune.

The crazy thing is that the Democrats proposed a financing plan to cover the Zadroga bill by closing tax loophole for foreign companies which then again denied by the Republicans. A shame but however, I will not discuss my politic view even more, let’s just focus on Jon Stewart.

So, Jon Stewart was very angry and decided his last show of the year to be covered on the Zadroga bill. Amazingly, his effort was heard and the Zadroga bill was passed. Not only that, the top mainstream media was backing up Stewart’s complain even the news media who is the centre of Republicans endorsement, Fox News, finally cover the story up after shutting the hell up until Jon Stewart take a stand.

Jon Stewart makes the difference and it is this kind of free speech that I love to happen which made an impact to a greater good. Jon Stewart and the writers of The Daily Show can’t get enough credit for what they have done and congratulation for making their heroes appreciated for what they’ve done to save innocent lives.


2 responses to “Jon Stewart: The Man Who Made The Difference

  1. On the Zadroga bill the Democrats have clearly done more to support dying suffering heroes…………………………………………………………………………….. On the Zadroga bill the Democrats have clearly done more to support dying suffering heroes.Dare I say the republicans are…

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