Google Chrome Theme: Alice Margatroid

A special skin of Touhou featuring Alice Margatroid. And here in the previous I was saying that I will make a variative Google Chrome Theme which will not heavily focus on Touhou. Anyway, how could you pass on such a great picture not to make it to Google Chrome theme. That will be a huge sin, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Skin Name: Alice Margatroid

File Size: 1.71 MB

Color Theme: White & Grey


Note: An explanation about how to use this file can be observed at the Chrome page. Happy downloading!


14 responses to “Google Chrome Theme: Alice Margatroid

  1. Ok, so, maybe its just me, but when i mouse over a link, normally the address pops up in that little box thingy in the lower left.. but now all i get is a blank box down there.

  2. Hey Souza and everyones =o
    Kesu is now in Japan! And so far searching for that blazer Souza wants =x
    Hello to Sylph and others that may be in Japan currently !

    • Nice! Hey can you probably make a journal about your trip in this blog? Not that it’s required or anything but I think it will be an interesting topic to read.

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