Full Metal Alchemist AMV by Hasheo

Alright, this post is intended to promote Hasheo’s first fan AMV of Full Metal Alchemist. If you don’t know Hasheo, he goes by the name of Hashfi Rasis and is on of the co-author of a fan made RPG Adventure of Dr. Koizumi & Darkside Rebirth. So, have at it guys, your opinions will be a strong reference for him to be better, but also take it easy on him since this is his first time creating an AMV. For my input, I think this video needs to follow the rythm of the song. In this case, the song is a fast-phase song so you don’t want to waste your frames depicting a steady clash between Greed and Wrath with not so often frame transition. You do a descent job by changing the frame to Greed’s past but then again the frame is wasted on Greed and Wrath staring at each other. But overall, it is a descent AMV. Good job and keep it up!


One response to “Full Metal Alchemist AMV by Hasheo

  1. I agree that the long clash between Greed and Wrath may not have been the best choice for the song (or vise versa). One part that really stood out besides that was when Scar and the little girl (forgot her name >.>) were fighting the homunculus / chimaeras when they just stood there for a while talking. But, that aside, I think he managed to synch some key moments in the song with events like clashes or transitions. There are many a amv-maker that can’t follow that simple rule xD. Also that cut to greeds past was sweet!
    After the Greed vs Wrath part, I think he did a good job choosing that scene where Ed transmutes the gate, it may not be action filled but the music really builds up for the moment.
    All in all, it isn’t an incredible amv but it isn’t bad either. If I had come across it on youtube I would think “Nice, this beats all the bad synchronized crap I’ve been watching.”

    Final Score: 6/10

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