Hiya. I wanna thank the previous authors that have already welcomed me, especially Souza who let me join. ^^ My name’s Christian, I joined TRT a few days ago. Unfortunately i’m not so tech-savvy so I won’t be creating rainmeters or things like that (although I’m using a blue-themed persona 3 google chrome theme that I threw together, perhaps I’ll post that if people request it). I have a post under the author tab if you want to know a bit more about me. I hope to post often even though i’m swamped with work between both my MCB and chem classes, my schedule this semester is kinda rough. Well, that’s all for now, I leave you with this nifty video tour of Tokyo. Here’s hoping you enjoy my posts! I look forward to meeting the other authors as well.

(I’m studying abroad in Tokyo for six months in Spring 2012 ^o^)


6 responses to “Hello!

  1. Studying in tokyo O.O wow awesome =D Good luck and welcome! A tour of Tokyo… amazing! It’s sure that every country has its flaws but I can’t help but wanting to visit Japan xD. Looking forward to more of your posts ;)

    On a side note, TRT is growing by the second xD and with every new author this site gains, my willing to come here increases^^ It’s rare to see a site with such great authors. You review games, animes, discuss various situations and views about the world and all this in the middle of a whirlpool of anime, touhou, vocaloid and rainmeter =D
    So, allow me to say, thanks for making my day, everyday^^

  2. Welcome to the Randomnes thing! Even though It’s awkward coming from me, im not even an author here. xD Anyways, hope to see more of your posts here. The more the manier. XD

  3. I would love to study abroad in Japan too. However my university doesn’t offer anything in Japan. Where do i get info about it?

    • I’m positive there are programs that like to send all kinds of students abroad, even if your university doesn’t offer them. Uh, you should ask your university’s study abroad department for programs outside your school. I know a couple operating in Illinois, but it’s unlikely we’re in the same state, lol.

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