Religious Conflict in Cikeusik: 3 Died

Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve seen this coming. Indonesia has many anarchy-based religous group such as FPI and when you meet them with the so-called other dodgy religious group, you will get bloody conflicts such as what happen in Cikeusik, Indonesia.

If you don’t know the current religious conflict that is occuring in Indonesia, let me give you a heads up. In Indonesia, there is one moslem group called Ahmadiyah. There are many moslem groups in Indonesia such as Nahdatul Ulama, Muhammadiyah, and the one that the majority has problem with is with the Ahmadiyah.

I won’t discuss what does Ahmadiyah believe in or what kind of fatwa that are considered contradicting to the other moslem groups, but what I can tell you is that the majority of the moslem groups considers Ahmadiyah is not a part of Islam or you can easily say they are the apostate of Islam. They condemn every follower of this group. Those emotion pretty much bottled up until some provocation steer them into anarchy.

The result? As you can see in the video, 3 died in the conflicts. What upset me is that just before the people arrived at the Ahmadiyah base, the police who was guarding the location left, allowing those people to do whatever they want. But what upsets me the most is the hypocrisy that cries within this so-called moslems. They constantly saying that Islam is a peace religion when their action doesn’t reflect to what they believe.

And for you who says that these people are not moslem, try saying that in front of them without being murdered on the spot. Religion, like it or not, was brought upon many bloodshed. You, religious people, need to wake up and realize that like it or not Religion is a subjective interpretation. The bible that you read can be interpreted freely and nobody can confirm the correctness because there is no proof to be offered.

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42 responses to “Religious Conflict in Cikeusik: 3 Died

  1. It’s sad when religion, which is mainly seen as a symbol of peace, results in situations like these… I feel like the end of the world that everyone is talking about is going to happen, not because of some god or superior mystic force, but because of our own childish conflicts =(

  2. To me, peace offer by religion only lives in the book. I mean it has always been the same scenario over and over again. Crusades, Holocaust, and other religion conflicts have always been the same scenario. And here we found out that we haven’t learnt anything.

  3. good thing Im an Atheist…

    No body really knows where all this shit came from. But I think I’d rather trust the dudes in lab coats who aren’t demanding I get up early every Sunday to overdress and apologize for being human. (REALITY IS AWESOME!)

  4. In my opinion, religion is like music. If I don’t like a band, I don’t have to listen to them, so I just go on my way. If you believe in something why do you need to assert it? If it makes you happy to believe in it, continue to believe in it and don’t listen to other’s doubts.

  5. After reading that and giving it some thought, I can’t really tell religion and politics apart. Both spread bloodshed masked as peace. With each passing day, the tiny credit I give religion grows even smaller…

    Opinions should be respected. As Misukun said, there shouldn’t be a need to impose our ideas on someone else. Different views make different people and we are all different, why make such a fuss wanting to take that individuality away? xD

    But I feel like I can’t really talk about it. I mean, in my country things aren’t that drastic. I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling, seeing such a thing happening in your country =(

    What a world…

  6. It’s just too stressful living in my country. Crime rate, traffic jam, pollution, slow internet connection, it’s just unbearable. Now you have this kind of anarchy which makes me fed up. I guess going to Germany was a right decision for me.

  7. Meh i dont really care, this happens every other day; religion or not. When you die, you die, why dwell on it? But give credit to religion would you? as an atheist, its good to know that there are people who are willing to die for strangers for no particular reason, that sacrifice their wages to the poor for no particular reason, and who love everyone unconditionally (or fake it, but still the same) for no particular reason.

    And another note, there is a correct way to interpret a religious text, its just that the writer happens to be dead.

  8. Well, it’s just like how Souza-san said, in our country everything is messed up, from the government in Jakarta to the inland of Papua. Civil war everywhere, the lies of the government, corruption, economical failure, and religions killing each other.

    These events are common in Indonesia and it’s has always been the news of the day.

    In my opinion, I have only one life and I’m going to live it to the fullest, no matter how the world may become.

  9. the religion in indonesia have been added with other religion. there are no such thing as muslim group. why do islam need to be saperate into groups? we do do the same thing. in islamic country such as egypt, the islam is one, and not in saperate group. in islam we must united in one religion and not group. religion is not a toy for childplay. we must be serious about religion in islam. thats why when people dont serious about islam there are horible thing that will happen such as earthquake, tsunami and flood .

    • Dude, reading your comment makes me wanna laugh. Not serious about Islam will cause Tsunami, earthquake, flood? So, what about Europe then? These countries aren’t by anything serious about Islam and by far many people detest Islam.

      • I’m with Souza-san. Disasters aren’t caused by religions. It’s caused by what humans did to the earth, they keep destroying and consuming it, even as we speak.
        It’s just nonsense that “not serious” can cause disasters.

        Well, that’s just me.
        Oh yeah and one more thing. Are we supposed to be talking about religions in this blog??? Cause the rule says “no”.

      • The rule says, no missionary talks. So no talking about forcing other people to go into your religion. But I guess that rule in the About section is outdated. I have to revise it since this blog has become more public.

  10. just to add some note from above… yeah in indonesia it isnt 100% pure islam … i mean islam spread in indonesia when budhism(or hinduism sorry i dont really know) is in its top right and willing or not the culture of budhism will be assimilated with islam… and its not like i disagree with it but its just my opinion that indonesian people(not only moslem sorry) just blame or maybe searching another’s mistake to be blamed for their corrupted nation (?) and by the way im a moslem but well i believe in my religion but sometime i even despise some of my friend that imposing their value ( their religious view from their religion my case its islam) to my other friend that is non-moslem… and kind of feel .. duh.. what are you talking about.. its their right to pick their own religion right .. so you dont need to say who gonna go to hell if dont pick the same religion with you or whose religion is right cause i think most of religion is teaching about helping each other and especially for the moslem( because im a moslem) that we have what so called religious tolerance right… and i dont mean its only waiting or give a chance for other people to do their pray but also not imposing our ideal to another …

    whoops sorry if my grammar is a mess and my meaning is awful . and thats all am i gonna say … thx

  11. they detest islam but not make islam as they plaything. dont you thing that there are someone that make human, earth and all the galaxy. its god you know. there are no such thing as we exist by our self. the god make incident for us human to realise that we have done something wrong and He want us to go back to the place where we start.

    • Well Sir, your statement is contradicting. If you believe nothing can’t create something, then how does God create something from nothing? A more important question, where does God come from if you believe something has to be created first.

      Clearly, you don’t watch the news. Have you heard a cartoonist draw your prophet? If that’s not making Islam their plaything, then I don’t know what your definition of plaything is. So let me guess, burning Al Qur’an and drawing the prophet are okay, but interpreting Islam as you believe eventhough everybody so you are wrong is not okay? Clearly, your God has a priority deficiency.

  12. @?????????
    Hi, let me ask you one question…
    Are you sure you following exactly what your prophet Muhammad teach to His “Ummah” 1000+ years ago?????????
    If you are… prove it…(This question include all Muslim)

    For other religion Do you really sure that what you practice is truly what has been taught/given/practiced by your apostle/god/Buddha/etc….
    even if you are sure about these… try to prove that your belief is the, for lack of better word ,”fact” about your religion
    for example, Christian, why did you call Jesus,Jesus??
    His real name,if Im not mistaken is Yeshua/Isha( not sure which one Is the real spelling, after all its from different language but this is similar to original pronounciation)for god’s sake(no pun intended)Jesus and Yoshua pronounced differently…

    Heck, even my belief is probably not true to “original” religion.
    Even so, I believe what I believe…lol

    Really, this “incident” is comparable to kids fighting about Santa Claus. Most believe in the existence of santa while some don’t… when they talk about it…
    “He exist”
    “Yes” *N (times N)
    Then…. for some cases…. fight ensues.Its just that those incident is bigger, bloodier, and usually fatal.
    They don’t have any tolerance, patience or”lets see which one are right in the end” attitude…
    inter-religion conflict is also comparable to kids arguing about their favourite Superhero

    believe what you want to believe, For you your faith isfact for you and others are fiction, but others also think that their faths are fact and yours are fiction so keep it to yourself.

    (wrote at 3 a.m and copypasted, so probably lot of mistakes :)


  13. I agree with Souza-kun. I also live in a country with such kind of anarchy. And it’s just so sad that some of my Muslim friends can’t join in the fun and have to follow a bunch of rules or else they will be punished for no reason! I always thought that a religion is about peace and harmony, and hope to unite everyone together. But seems to me that the Islam is not. In my country, once they argued that the non-muslim cannot use the word “Allah” or something similar to that. They said that only Muslim’s are allowed to use that!! Now they say that Muslims in my country are adviced NOT to celebrate Valentine’s day. Whaat?? They say that Valentine’s in a traditional celebration for the Christians (although I’m not one) and even saying that meeting up during the night or going to disco parties are Christian activities which is immoral.
    here’s the link, it’s in Bahasa Melayu :

  14. True that the term not Muslim would indeed be offensive a better way to put it would be uncomplying with tradition muslim standards these people have turned an originally peaceful message to suit their own desires much like Christianity and the crusades

  15. In the history of Valentine, it can be clearly convicted of Christian culture that says Valentine’s Day from tragic death of a priest named St.. Valentine who was killed by a Roman king named Claudius the King II (268-270M).

    Starting from this story they have dedicated St. Valentine as a great figure in maintaining the love and considered a symbol of tenacity, courage and resignation in the face of attempts at life.So, February 14 made a representation in the day commemorating the death St.Valentine regarded as religious ceremonies and the Christian community.

    Hence, Islam calls all Muslims especially Muslim youth not to celebrate Day celebration Belong and avoid things that can lead to attitude for celebration.

    Day celebration to celebrate the act is contrary to the syara Belong ‘because it has elements of Christian faith and lead to bad moral . In addition, the response was not favorable celabrating with scenes such as two evil-doubled, couple then led to sex acts.

    for sir souza, this is your answer, i want you to slap your face then tell me is it painful? of couse its painful. but can you show where the pain? you can show the place where is painful but you cannot show where pain is. it cant be seen but it can be feel. like god, He cant be seen but we know that he exist.

    for sir lightdark, even you does not sure about you god name. why would you ask us why we call your ‘god’ as ‘jesus’ ?

    • Ehem, ever heard of a machine called heat sensor? Maybe we can go there sometime and I’ll slap you to see how red your face can be.

      Or do you want a Physics explanation? When a stimulus induces a reaction from the pain receptors, an immediate firing occurs in a reflexive reaction. Pain receptors and nociceptors have significantly higher firing rates than receptors for temperature and touch. Pain receptors react due to physical stimuli such as cuts, scrapes, heat, chemical substances causing tissue damage and lack of blood circulation in a specific area. The production of prostaglandins begin, causing an irritation and signaling the body of an unpleasant feeling and of traumatic pain.

      So, your turn Sir. How do you proof God?

  16. thank you for your explanation sir. but your explanation tell us why we feel pain. not see the pain. what we all can see from a heat sensor? of course heat. what makes you think we can see the pain from the heat sensor?

    • Didn’t I already explain that? That pain your talking about is from the receptor of the brain which tells you that something is happening. It’s an electric impulse from your brain which then translated to pain.

      Besides, when does this turn to imply that to proof God, you have to see him? If you can answer your own logic, that something has to be created first, then you have to have an explanation how God creates the Universe from nothing, or where does God comes from if something has to be created first. You don’t need to explain how to see God, just give me some logic explanation about your own argument.

  17. well, that mean pain is only a feeling that we cant see but we can translate it with our brain to feel it. does it right sir souza?

  18. well, if there is ‘somone/something’ that created god. then there is ‘someone/something’ that is powerfull than god. but, why is god created universe? why dont that ‘someone/something’ created universe instead of god?

  19. Huh? Soooo, why do I have to cook? Why don’t God cook for me? Why do human have to invent something? Why not God create lightbulbs for us? I don’t get your point of question.

    By the way, it’s your theory, right? So basically you’re self-pawning yourself.

  20. if you are hungry you cook. if you are in the dark you created lightbulbs. if you need to know is there is god you need to ask. my point of question is why are someone/something need to created god to created universe? why dont someone/something created universe itself?

  21. @??????????
    When did I say I was a Christian?
    I never said that
    I just show an example of what can be religious iconsistency.
    i.e What somebody practice as their religion might not identical/similar/same to what they preach/teach at the beginning. Granted, our lifestyle is different from the ancient times but why should the religion??

    Are you saying that you support these barbarian.??
    They kill the defenseless minorities while as far as I know, during prophet Muhammad’s times He allowed the Jews living in Medina/Maddinah without prejudice… His policy is basically “your religion is your religion and ours is ours” He didnt kill those Jews cold-heartedly like this… and these overzealous guys says they follow what Muhammad teach them?? Im not saying that all Muslim are terrorist but some do act like they are terrorist( im not saying about minority or majority but these people are significant enough to leave the impression to other religion)
    Now, I believe that some other religion also has overzealous people like this. Ive seen in a video a hindu girl is burned alive just because she is a close friend of “believer of other”

    Now I wonder which one is the most idiotic one, the Ahmeddiyah who refuse to leave, The mobs that blindly zergrush them or the polices who (AFAIK) stood there and didnt do anything

    Souza, sorry for feeding him… hope this ignorant fellow did not mess with your exam

  22. Just take it easy guys. If someone chooses to follow an idea of a God that created everything I’m sure they felt it in their minds that it was reasonable to do so even without solid proof. In the end, we live according to our experiences and values, it just happens we got them in different ways.

  23. I got no problem someone believing God. It’s the person who started imposing that I should believe there is some omnipotent guy that creates the universe which then I merely asking for an explanation about his logic. That’s all.

  24. I do believe in God. I think that the science is a clue to His power. But that is different story…
    Think about it this way, you are devoted and faithful to your religion. Then some atheists try to prove that god didn’t exist… you didn’t buy it… then these atheist prctically trying to force you to accept the fact and ditching your religion…
    You surely will hate being treated like that.These also work in reverse like these ???????? guy do…
    you can try to convert people to your religion but it must on the right place, the right time, and to the people who wanted it.
    This post, as I can see it is basically a critic to the people who claim themselves Islam and the autorithy, not Islam in general.
    Islam,Christian,Buddha, and others are religions that promote peace… its jus these people that believe they are believers that do the crime

  25. Everyone has their own beliefs, it is us ourselves to choose whether God exists or not, we cannot force other people so believe if He exists or not. Some people think He created us, some think it is just plain chemistry. You cannot explain the unexplainable, as it will go nowhere like Souza-kun said, back to square one. You can’t explain how God created the Universe and so on, and you can’t explain how Was the universe created if God didn’t exist. Particles? Unlikely. A big bang? Maybe? There is no solid answer to questions like these, only theories.
    And to ?????????, you said that Valentine’s day consists Christian elements or faith (whatever), and will lead to immoral activities. Think throughly, as Christians have their own beliefs too, they think they can express their love through this day and I don’t see how it will lead to such activities you have listed. Like you yourself, you believe in God, you believe He created the Universe, you believe that He is watching over you. but that is your belief, everyone has a different belief. For your question to Souza-kun :
    “you can’t see God, but you know that He exist”
    I think you should correct that, “you can’t see Him, but you believe that He exist.”

  26. True, true…
    Everyone is entitled with their own faith…
    it’s no use to force someone to change their beliefs.
    the missionaries should only do the guiding, not forcing.
    Looks like the ???????? guy didnt show up today… preparing for Maulidul Rasul I guess…
    anyways thanks guys especially Souza…
    you handle this with such maturity

    ????????, I know you have a good will to post but you are doing it at the wrong place and the wrong time with wrong people, but thanks anyways

    well, until we meet/debate again…
    wish you all luck


  27. I believe that to make a theory believable is that you have to back it up with facts. My atheism perhaps doesn’t deny God completely. I deny God because nobody has ever succesfully proof his existence other by a book which is written by some people, and to me, that’s heresy.

    But don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with Religion values that teaches peace and other kind of good stuff. It’s just this belief that you are being righteous by imposing or judging people for their belief that’s sicken me. And forgive me for answering to ????????’s irrelevant inquiry about God since the article is not about that at all.

  28. i know that your article is condenming the people who did the act in the name of religion and not the religion itself( or at least I hope so because you said that you have no problem with someone who believes in god) and as I can see ????????’s just trying to state his opinion but instead what he post is more like persuasion for a religion…
    Like I said, wrong place, time, people and quite possibly deliverence/concept

    Anyways if my post is too offending you could delete any of it…
    no harm will be done


  29. Cilax, dude. No comment is going to be deleted. I think that if you like to delete comments, then you are being bias and not open-minded. So, no matter how incoherent or irrelevant a comment can be, deleting it is not showing the level of respect of someone’s opinion.

  30. Glad to hear…

    A forum I frequented has a really strict rules about this kind of thing… and when I said really strict I mean the comment such as “cruel Zionist” will be deleted and you will be temp. banned with extreme prejudice. And before anyone asking this is not a Muslim’s forum

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