Valentine’s Day Special

Wow, it’s been a while since I did post something…not that I was busy with anything but, I don’t know, I just didn’t. The only thing I remember is that I’ve been heavily thinking of what song I should post next into my upcoming Beat of the Day – which took my forever to come up with a decent song. Oh yeah, also, a very late welcome to the 2 new authors – hello! (Sorry, I forgot)

Well anyway, I don’t want to drag this post for long either – I’ve got other things to deal with –*ahemhomeworkcoughcough*. I just want to wish everybody a happy Valentine’s Day on Monday. I know my school going crazy over it. My school has this special thing presented by the music council called an anonymous “Sing-A-Gram”. So you practically buy one, then you tell them who you’re trying to (target at) and what period when they should do that. Then on the designated Valentine’s Day the singers of the Vocal Jazz club will randomly enter your target’s classroom in the middle of nowhere/during your designated time/period, walk up to that person and start randomly singing love songs in front of him/her and obviously, to the rest of the class. Ahem, yea – I really wonder who’s going to get targeted tomorrow…hehe.

Well, that’s it. Before I forget, I found this really cool GIF back when I was surfing DeviantART awhile ago. Hope you enjoy and once again, Happy Valentine’s Day to you all guys!


2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Special

  1. LOL, happy Valentine’s Day to you too!
    Haha, we have sing-a-grams too, as well dance-o-grams, candy-o-grams, flower-grams, and tape-o-grams, where you get taped to your desk O_O

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