Syobon Action: Most Annoying Platform Game Ever

Yeah, just finished the first Syobon Action and I feel my lives has decreased. I finished it with my life on -236 and I can’t believe how patient I could be with this game. To bad I didn’t record that but hey, you don’t have to believe me I completed it. I just want to share this game for you haven’t played it yet. I looked into Syobon Action 2 and to be honest, I’m discouraged on playing it. Maybe next time after the exam. So for you who want to try it, go ahead and share your experience.

Syobon Action 1:

Syobon Action 2:

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  1. Torrigan says:

    ……………wow… And you passed that? I woulda rq on the lava level

    Very impressive I applaud your platforming skillz grats on your exams

  2. Yeah, it was a horrible experience. I was swearing and shouting evertime. Even when I realized that I’ve completed the game and got cockblocked to find that I died afterwards.

  3. SleepyHollow says:

    OMG~!! Is this some kind of Patience training?
    I raged after I died over and over again at 1 spot.
    ….. I’ll just stop and go play Amnesia: The Dark Descent. T^T

  4. Not only that, the enemy will mock you if you died. So annoying…

  5. Argyle says:

    You should try “I wanna be the guy”

  6. Links?

    1. Hello says:

      you are sooooooooo gonna hate this game, is beyond reason.

    2. Argyle says:

      oh trust me you’ll agree with Hello here in the bottom XD
      Its WORSE than syobon XD
      A LOT WORSE.
      mindfuck timing and puzzles
      good luck! :D

    3. That’s not annoying. That’s insane!

  7. kesuki says:

    mmm I don’t know if anyone is looking for puzzle games but…
    I heard Eversion and Braid were pretty good o_o
    yeesh though, that game there is insane! =O

  8. errr says:

    it’s fake. look closely at the jumps, they are inconsistent.

    1. What do you mean?

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