Marvel vs Capcom 3:Fate of Two Worlds

Marvel vs Capcom has  been out for quite some time.  Fans have been waiting for Marvel vs Capcom 3:Fate of Two Worlds for over a decade. The wait has been well worth it.  There are some differences in the MvC3 in comparison to MvC2. This game features online/offline multiplayer, but you can’t watch other people’s matches. A good feature of online is that you can’t see what the other player’s characters are until the match begins. This helps so people wont continuously choose characters to better yours.  The art style of the game has moved from 2-d to 3-d. Surprisingly, it isn’t as bad as it would seem.  Most of the characters look outstanding with the exception of a couple.  The combat system has not changed, it’s still a fast-paced fighter, but the only noticeable difference is that everyone can now easily combo (the basic combos are actually the same button inputs). As far as super moves go,  they aren’t as difficult and painful to the thumb in the previous MvC. The Roster is pretty impressive and has 36 characters (as of now) and there will be DLC characters. You don’t start out with everyone, but they are very easy to unlock. Sad to say they cut out some characters, like Megaman and Strider Hiryu. As far as the voice actors go, the only complaint I have is Captain America…to be blunt (IMO) he’s the worst sounding one.  Most characters have their old voice actors from their original games which works out perfectly. This game is very addictive and I recommend picking it up.


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