Winamp Skin: Black Rock Shooter

When PencilPoker requested for a Black Rock Shooter Winamp skin, I was upset that I haven’t done it long ago. Therefore, I want to make this skin very special unlike any other skin I have done before. And here you have it guys, a very own Black Rock Shooter Winamp skin. Credits are given to murderprinces and msdzero for their Fate Testarossa Winamp skin.

Skin Name: Black Rock Shooter

File Size: 1.36 MB

Color Theme: Dark Blue


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Winamp section. Happy downloading!

35 Comments Add yours

  1. Slam says:

    It feels a little bit busy, but has quite a number of cool features.

    Unfortunately, the volume animation thing only starts at 39% for me, although I don’t think it will matter too much.

    Thx for the skin! :3

    1. If you want to set it to 0% just drag the volume out of the region, then it will set to 0%

  2. Vsect says:

    Awesome skin! Now I can finally reassemble my BRS Desktop =D

    Just one thing though. Dunno if it’s from my settings but there is a box that appears separately from the main window. I can’t move it and it appears on top of everything! I’ve taken a screenshot, the box is outlined in yellow:

    Other than that, thank you very much for this masterpiece.

    1. Vsect says:

      Sorry about that, had to restart my pc and now the box is nowhere to be found. Guess it just needed a restart.

  3. PencilPoker says:

    4 TAKING MY REQUEST!!!!!! X333

  4. ZeroBreaker says:

    Definitely your best skin yet!

  5. SleepyHollow says:

    Woohoooo… Awesome.. I’m sowwie Miku, I’ll have to replace you for BRS. X3

  6. msdzero says:

    nice skin there :)
    better than our BRS widget style skin

  7. Hey, what an honour for us to see you visiting this blog. I hope you don’t mind the remake of this skin, man.

    1. msdzero says:

      I don’t mind :)

  8. Tsukasa says:

    Can i request for Bleach Winamp skin featuring Ichigo Bankai form :) ?

  9. Kakkoi desune~

  10. etto~ why the skin doesn’t Work in my winamp?

  11. Do you use winamp version 3?

  12. i use winamp 5.5…

  13. then i download the Winamp 3.0 nad it didn’t work too T^T

    1. *and

  14. If you have Winamp 3 or higher, it should work. How does it not work?

  15. Snow Akechi says:

    I have a question for you Souza-san, I downloaded the BRS Music player, but when it was finished downloading, it turned into a .wal do I use that in rainmeter? Please reply~

    1. kazasou says:

      You can’t use it. It’s for Winamp…

  16. Mikado says:

    Good Job, I normally just play around with the basic skin, this must be the first one I actually feel like not only feel like using, but comment about it.

  17. Mikado says:

    Oh yeah, you should try to upload it into winamp official website, I noticed it does not show there, who knows, something good might come out of it

  18. olivier says:

    Hello, I’d like to create skin on the architecture of it, could you tell me what program or what are the parameters to change to do so.
    Please, thank you

    1. kazasou says:

      I use notepad…

      1. Subarishiki says:

        So true … XD hahaha

  19. yasier says:

    the link is dead…
    pleas fix Link

    1. kazasou says:


  20. Kelly says:

    Thank you for this amazing winamp skin :D

  21. petarnet says:

    Can’t download.

    1. petarnet says:

      The server was down. Nevermind.

  22. ..//// says:

    Link seems dead…
    Can you someone upload a mediafire link?

    1. kazasou says:

      Link is working fine.

  23. KuroNekoKai says:

    the link isnt showing up for me >.<

  24. Hime Chan says:

    I use winamp vers. 5.5. but I always try to use anime skin, but it didn’t work.. there’s “winamp skin 1.2” how is this?

    1. Subarishiki says:

      Maybe you should uninstall your winamp and then install winamp again and just make sure you should checklist all option when you reinstall winamp.

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