The Future That Lies Ahead On Artificial Idol

You know, Vocaloid has been one of the reason that the future will become focused on developing an artifical idol. The motivation for this is artificial idol can be perfect and adapt to many different song genre. Besides that, monetary reason might be one of the primary reason. Artifical idol can’t be sick, won’t complain, and strive to be perfect. The fusion of that notion then is completed with HRP-4C, a humanoid robot who has to the ability to mimic singing and the expression it should make while singing. I’m experiencing a Chobits flashback when I saw this video. When it happen, I’m sure our PC will be replaced by Personal Robot (PR). Your thought, guys?


3 responses to “The Future That Lies Ahead On Artificial Idol

  1. This is what I love about Japan, always striving to fuse sci-fi elements with real life^^
    While I do believe this kind of technology will become common in the future, it still kinda freaks me out a little. Like I have some sort of bad felling about it… I mean, a talking, emotion-expressing robot… Sure, Vocaloids are singing / talking programs but in essence they’re just characters, this is way more real.

    Despite that I imagine the future having lots of humanoid robots and giant mechs around^^ (although we all know how humanity will end up using them, don’t we? =X)

  2. It depends, would we see a Chobits future or will we go to Ghost in The Shell future? But to tell you the truth, It excites me to be able to witness such a future which I believe only exist in video games or anime.

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