Blade Wielding Girl Wallpaper Pack 3

Here’s the wallpaper I’ve been promising to you, guys! For you who are going on vacation, have a very nice trip and be safe on your journey. For you who are still dwelling with work and study, good luck and keep up the good work! I guess I will head off to the hay since I have to catch up the 8 o’clock train since my car is in maintenance until next week.

Zipped File Download –


2 responses to “Blade Wielding Girl Wallpaper Pack 3

  1. I’ve been holding this inside for some time now but I have to say it. We all know that the images you guys post here are incredible (as are the rainmeter skins… and the chrome themes… and the musics… well, you get the idea xD) but the last image packs (and wallpapers) are not like that. My mind lies blown over my keyboard after seeing such greatness. It’s a whole new level of awesome. You guys are just the best, the end.

    Good luck with all your projects, be them school, work or anything and thanks again for such amazing content!

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