Supernatural The Animation: The Cool Brothers Are Back!

I was a little bit sceptic when this show is going to get the animation version. However, when I tried to download the first six episodes, I was thinking “Hey, not bad…”. It is hard for me to compare between the original version and the animation version, but let me tell you this, it does not typically sucked.

You know, when a live action is getting an animation version or vice versa, you get the feeling that it will suck bad. However, I could bravely say that this anime is interesting to watch. One important factor that makes this anime is worth-watching is it portrays the characters’ expression in a whole new level. Dean, for instance, is wackier than the original version that it gives a refreshing comedy out of the story. The effect of course is much more improved that gives a more frightening story to this series. One more note worth to mention is that the Japanese and English dubs both have a good quality. I have no trouble listening to any dub version since both are good to be heard.

One downside that I might consider is just the lack of time since this show is intended for a 45 minutes run. So you get the feeling that this show is a little bit too fast with no significant explanation to the plot base. Overall, the anime is fun to watch and I enjoy every episode I watched, so it’s a sweet deal to download this anime.


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