A Minute to Mourn For the People in Japan

Guys, I want to take a time in this post to mourn for the people who died in Japan because of a recent Earthquake disaster of 8.9 magnitude. There is no way that the next words that comes after will sounds any better, but I feel sadden to see such a disaster strikes to one of the countries I idolized so much. It was so heart-breaking for me to see the footage, and it reminded me of the same earthquake that stroke Indonesia with a 9.2 magnitude. I have confirmed sylph-chan status, and thankfully that she is okay at the moment. We hope that she will recover soon and we hope the best for slyph-chan and the Japanese people.


9 responses to “A Minute to Mourn For the People in Japan

  1. Such a tragedy. I’m surprised even Tokyo got hit.

    Just one of those places you wouldn’t expect it..

  2. Yea…about this – I heard it in the morning when I was on the way out to school. It was broadcasted everywhere in the radio stations. I hope the stranded people in Japan (you too, Sylph-senpai!) are doing okay.

    Come to think of it, since I just came back today after being inactive for a month (sorry guys), I was originally planning to put up a nice post but due to my respect for this tragic event, I’ll hold back for one day and will blog my post tomorrow if I can.

    • Thank God she’s safe too. I also got a friend there studying, Thank god he only got a shoulder injury.

      My condolences to all the victims family and injured by this natural disaster.

  3. The NHK live footage of those waves taking the coastal towns definitely ruined my day off school. But Japan will make a comeback from this disaster.

  4. Local news update, The Tsunami has already reached Papua Saturday, 13th of MArch. It hit the Youtefa coast, copule of imporntant bridges was severly damaged.

  5. I am so glad Sylph-san is safe. I heard about the news at 3am on Thursday. I will keep my hopes up that everything will get better soon! >_<~

  6. I changed the video on this post because I think it will be more appropriate not to show the disaster footage. Instead, I changed it to a more appropriate song for us to listen.

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