Wallpaper of The Week: Neko Girl 7

*Peeking from behind the door* Hey guys, how have you been doing? *Sneakily comes in* I’m back and I so missed you guys a lot! I was browsing this blog and was moved by Sou-chan and Mi-kun post to give Japan support. I thank deeply to Sou-chan and Fey-neesan who constantly support me and always checking me out to give me comfort *hugs*. I also thank the people who have been commenting on this blog to give every support and prayer for the people in Japan. As you know, I’m doing quite fine in compare to other people since I live a further south from Tokyo. My house was a little bit messy so I have to take time to clean up the neighbourhood. Overall, I now am back to this blog and will try to contribute as best as I can. Fighting!


10 responses to “Wallpaper of The Week: Neko Girl 7

  1. Sylph-chan, welcome back! I miss you a tad lot too. It’s so great to hear a good news from others and I think I will celebrate your comeback with a wallpaper pack.

  2. Welcome back Sylph! Glad you suffered very little from the horrible disaster! Its nice to see you are still up to updating TRT! YAY, Welcome back!!!

  3. Thank you Kazuki-san, and welcome to the blog. Have fun posting stuff here! And also thank you to Lucy-neesan and Vsect-san for the support! I will do the best I can!

  4. Sylph-san, welcome back! I’m glad you’re okay. Ever since the recent news, I’ve been following the Japan quake news almost everyday. I’ve watched many of the disasterous vids of stuff being destroyed, nuclear powerplant radiation, etcetc. but thank god you’re okay. I should celebrate too hehe.

    P.s. I donated some money for relief in Japan today. ^^

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