An extremely useless post about nothing

3/20 (Mar. 20)
Happy birthday to me. Honestly, I dislike today.
*Wish I had like, 15 candles on my cake…*


36 responses to “An extremely useless post about nothing

    • Hey there…oops…forgot to welcome the new authors while I was away for 2 days. I hope we get along well. Thanks for commenting. And uhh…hey, it’s not so bad feeling like a kid. Besides, I bet we all had a time when we were kids (I like my kid life back then, just cause teen life sucks…so much work and then being a punching bag for my older brother).

      Personally, if you ask me, I hate my own height. Many people mistake for a Gr.11/12 just cause I seem a bit tall. To be honest, I want to be short/small again…..

      • I actually envy people who have siblings…it can get pretty lonely just by yourself. You actually wanna be short? Well that’s actually kind of a surprise.

  1. Ah, Exilo. I just realized that today is your birthday. Hmm, I think I will that to my scheduler so I won’t forget again. Happy birthday to you, girl! And I agree with Kaza-kun, don’t delete this post. It is a celebration for your jolly future in life.

    • Yea…I know what you mean. Cept that sometimes parents don’t. For example, my parents were already talking about my future after secondary school and into universities and such just last week. They were like, you end up in college, then you’re dead kind of thing. I was like, c’mon, I still have like, 3 more years until I’m out of secondary – I have plenty of time to learn my path that I want to take…

  2. Hey, don’t be so somber now. 15th is a good birthday. I remember when I was 15, I was reading 1984 for fun.

    Yeah, I don’t know what happened when I was 15. I probably got a Wii.

    So seriously, Happy Birthday.
    I will laugh if at least one of my cousins ends up going to Queen’s.

    • Hey Duncan. How’s it going at Queen’s?

      Meh, I guess being 15’s okay. Not typically happy but not sad at the same time. Oh, so you got your Wii when you’re around 15? Wow, that’s like, x years ago.

      In case you’re wondering, I got a new watch from my parents. I think you saw it last time when my family went to your university’s open house. Y’know, the black Citizen Eco-Drive? That was like, around $295 but my parents got a discount for $170. They knew my old watch broke so I guess they put that in mind as my new present.

      Haha, honestly, I really liked Queen’s U. The music faculty is amazing. As for my brother, naw, I think he’s aiming more for Waterloo U.

      • lol if Samuel ever makes fun of you, you tell him that I can make fun of him for going to Waterloo. Do gauge the strength of this argument though, otherwise it’s jokes on both you and me.

        Yeah Grade 9 wasn’t the best year for me. Too academically oriented, and pretty awkward. But you will grow out of whatever that bugs you as time passes.

        I thought you got your new watch last Christmas?

        As for Queen’s, getting 70s has been frustrating me these days.
        Since we are talking about Queen’s. Know this: Queen’s is a party school. I can’t explain too much haha. And it’s better that you don’t tell anyone. That’s why I would never like Waterloo.

        Queen’s does have a good music program, I know a few people in it. Stay away from Arts (like Humanities, History, Polisci, etc) though, cost cutting measures is hurting the faculty.

  3. Happy birthday Exilo! If you didn’t tell me, I probably would have not known. Which now makes me feel really terrible. I always say Happy Birthday! Its always nice to feel like someone cares, lol.

    Hope everything goes well today!!!


  4. Not a useless post! Sorry i’m late on the happy birthday, my transition home for spring break was quite hectic!

    Also lols at someone calling 15 old… 18 is way too old! I wish I was 16 again.

    Hope you had a good day ^o^

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Exilo! ^^” Sorry I’m two days late, I hope you had a great birthday. <3

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