Google Chrome Theme: Clannad

This request is from Ryan for a Clannad Google Chrome Theme. I just finished playing FFXIII and it was awesome. This game has a great character development story that none of the previous FF series have. I ended up getting fond of Hope and Vanille has many mysteries around her. In conclusion, despite the boring linearity that this game has, it offers a great story plot. It is definitely a worth-bought game.

Skin Name: Clannad

File Size: 2.49 MB

Color Theme: Beige


Note: An explanation about how to use this file can be observed at the Chrome page. Happy downloading!


9 responses to “Google Chrome Theme: Clannad

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  2. Great background, though I wonder if you could make one with Tomoya+Nagisa+Ushio in the background? I’ve been looking everywhere for one and I can’t find one. :[ If you could help me out with this I’d be eternally grateful (which is all I can offer sadly, lol).

  3. I have a question. How can I make the links on the new tab to look like in the picture above ?Can you please tell me?

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