Nyankoroid: Enamel Sentai

Warning! Before you decide to watch this movie, please provide yourself with as many tissue as possible. This video will make you nosebleed from moe-ness. I knew I just collapsed from moe-gasm when I see this video especially on 00:48.



23 responses to “Nyankoroid: Enamel Sentai

  1. Status: drops huge bowl of yogurt and runs around the house shrieking with the flowers of moe hanging all over the place

  2. *Walks into room* Hey guys, I just –
    *Gets shot by everyone in the room multiple times with a pistol then falls down in slow motion with blood splattering on the walls while the Dear Sister music is playing in the background*

  3. *holding the pistol* Hey, did I just do that? Hm…Souza-san~! Can you stop being dead for a moment? I think I just killed Exilo-senpai!

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