Earthbound (or Mother 2), by Shigesato Itoi, was released in America June 5, 1995.  I have to admit, this is one of the finer games I’ve ever played. The Story is about a young boy named Ness who is awakened one night by a meteorite that landed by his home. His mother asks him to go find out what all the  commotion was about and ends up being greeted by his annoying neighbor, Pokey. When they get to the meteorite, Ness meets an alien named Buzz Buzz that informs Ness he is from the future where a hostile alien, Giygas, controls the universe. Buzz Buzz tells Ness that he is one of the chosen ones that has to stop Giygas before he gets too powerful. Ness receives the Soundstone, from Buzz Buz,z which he has to find the 8 Sanctuaries and get the Earth’s power to use with his to put an end to Giygas. Ness’ adventure brings him to a variety of places such as Onett, Twoson, Threed, and Fourside, an icy land called Winters, an East Asian land called Dalaam, and a dream world called Magicant. He meets several people that become his companions and meets several friends that help him along on his journey such as a band named the Runaway Five. Later Ness runs back into Pokey to find out he has joined forces to Giygas to dominate the universe.

The game has some very interesting dialogue to say the least. It’s safe to say everyone has something interesting to say. I have never played another game (besides another Earthbound) that has been so creative with it. I’ll admit, towards the end of the game the dialogue can get a bit creepy, but that’s all the more interesting.

The music in the game is one of the most memorable parts of Earthbound. Most of it has a very psychedelic feel while a few others are a bit chaotic.

Here is one of the creepy ones and 
here is one of the psychedelic ones.

The combat in the game is very similar to that of a Dragon Quest type game ie it doesn’t show your characters and you just click commands. You fight with an ability called “PSI (Psionics) or PK (Psychokinesis) refers to the psychic powers” Your range of weapons are things like baseball bats, slingshots, yoyos, and even bottle rockets. It is an rpg so it’s in fact turned based.

Overall, this is one of my favorite games of all time. I still like to replay it from time to time. I recommend you try it out. All you need is a SNES emulator and the ROM. Get the emulator here (this looks like it works, if you have a problem, just google. It’s very easy to find) and the ROM is available somewhere on the internet. Just google it.


4 responses to “EarthBound

  1. heads up, might wanna edit out the direct link to the ROM, not sure about how strict copyright policies or whatnot are about that kinda thing.

    my usual stance is to say google it. the emulator is totally legal, dunno about distributing the rom like that.

    i expected a cool rainmeter skin or something, btw. :(

    +1 approve @ earthbound, though. cheers.

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