Confessions (Kokuhaku) Review

This film probably is one of the best film I ever seen in my life. It is directed by Tetsuya Nakashima and this film has a complete package in it: story plot, twist-and-turn storyline, cinematography, and awesome soundtracks. The actors in this film really performed an incredible acting which ties up the atmosphere very well.

Now, I will carefully elaborate what this film is all about without spoiling to much information so you guys won’t be disappointed. The story is about a middle-school teacher who turned cold-blooded avenger because her daughter got killed.

The police declared it was an accident but Yuko Moriguchi, the teacher, strongly believes it was her students. How she knows is elaborated in the movie so let’s skip that. Now, what makes this film so interesting? Turns out after Yuko Moriguchi’s confessions, all hell broke loose. She was devising a revenge plot and when the students hear about it, it was a complete mess.

The film then turns to show the confessions of each individuals that affected by Moriguchi’s daughter murder. It shows the spiraling motive behind the killing and I have to tell you that each and every confessions they make enlighten the story a bit clearer.

The end of story is really dramatic and it will make you wonder how Yuko Moriguchi’s got her revenge. In the end, I would say Moriguchi had a splendid revenge.

Guys, I wish I could spoil you more about this movie, but it will just spoil the fun of watching it. I can’t remember how many times I spout “Shit!”, because the mind-fuck that this film has to offer. This film is a really must see and you will soon see why I said so when you get a chance to see it for yourself.


2 responses to “Confessions (Kokuhaku) Review

  1. I am SO watching this.
    Despite my weak spot for all things bloody, scary, depressing, scary, bloody, scary, etc..


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