Memories of Matsuko Review

Ah, this film is another masterpiece by Tetsuya Nakashima and this time it’s not a thriller movie. This film is from 2006 and if you guys have watched and actually liked it then good for you. If you haven’t, then how about sit down with me as I tell you about this brilliant movie.

To put it off short, this movie is about a slice of life. At first, you may think that this film is a comedy and overexposed 80’s comedy bits with all the musical thing, but it’s to get you on the atmosphere as the plot story is from that era. Don’t give a quick judgement to this film, although it may be simple, this film holds a very complicated ulterior background. I personally favored this film compared to “Grave of the Fireflies” and my friends called me a person with no soul for that. Sorry guys, it’s just that a Nuclear tragedy film is just hard to be related to my life.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic. Memories of Matsuko offers you a story about Matsuko Kawajiri (Duh…), who was found dead nearby the river. Sho Kawajiri, her nephew, was asked by his father to clear her apartment up. As he was cleaning her apartment, Sho Kawajiri encounters people who was once passed by Matsuko. Then, the story starts off.

Matsuko’s life has been a sad one. She was once a teacher who got fired because defending a student who stole somebody’s money. When she asked the student to save her, she got completely betrayed. Ah, I just slipped a spoiler there. Let me elegantly stop here and say that for all her life, she has been giving her heart to somebody and was completely betrayed to be left out saying “Why?”.

I personally think Matsuko is a very positive person. Eventhough all the predicaments engulfing her life, she always find a reason to live. And that’s what she calls “love”. She will love anybody unconditionally and willingly go to hell with the one she loves. Why? Because of one simple reason, “I don’t want to be alone”. That simple reason truly is the same reason why I keep on living.

She completely understands me and I personally think, no matter how strong you are and how cool being a tough guy really is, deep down inside all humans don’t want to be left alone. “Life’s value is not counted based on what we received, it’s counted on what we gave” probably one of the best quote this film has to offer. Matsuko Kawajiri has given a lot of meaning in somebody’s else life and although people would say her life is meaningless, it is not so by the people who are affected by her.

In conclusion, this film moves me so much as I would burst into tears just watching how she dealt with her miserable life and always find a reason to live on. Although, there are few occasions that she decided to end her life which ended up her body automatically rejected the idea of doing so. I quote her say “I was sure my life was at the end that moment, but somehow my body won’t let me”. Truly an inspirational movie!


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