Never Knows Best-A FLCL AMV


Sorry I haven’t posted in so long, I didn’t really have a stable internet connection at home over break, but I’m back at my University at the moment. Welcome to our new authors! Hopefully we’ll get to know eachother better soon. In other news, I still send my support to Japan, as the reactors have not fully cooled yet. I hope this will be over soon.

On a lighter note, I found this AMV the other day. I enjoy FLCL and absolutely adore the band the song is from.

Metric- Soft Rock Star

Until next time!


3 responses to “Never Knows Best-A FLCL AMV

  1. A note there, Misukun. For the next post, can you make the title a little bit more descriptive? “AMV Time!” is not a very descriptive title if I would comment. You should’ve put the name of the AMV with the author for example.

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