Soul Eater AMV-Resonance

I found this awesome AMV of one of my favorite animes-Soul Eater-with its opening theme song ‘Resonance’ by T.M. Revolution. If you want to watch the show after seeing this, I don’t blame you! Don’t worry about spoilers. If there are any, you wouldn’t get it anyways!

If you really need a brief summary of what Soul Eater is about, it’s simply set in a school called the DWMA where the students hunt down evil souls, known as Kishen. The students are set in two groups: Meisters and Weapons. Weapons are students born with the ability to turn into weapons and Meisters are those who control the weapon. Each Meister and Weapon Pair have a goal to hunt down 99 Kishen souls and 1 witch soul, so that they can make the weapon a ‘Death Scythe’, the instrument of the Lord Death himself. Enjoy!


5 responses to “Soul Eater AMV-Resonance

    • lol, I couldn’t either. You’re right, it’s not that smooth. However, I love the clips. That’s the only reason I picked this

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