Sumimasen, and Happy April’s Fools Day

Okay, this is probably the last message that I will send for this blog since probably Sylph-chan and Night-chan will strangle me to death when they found out about this blog.

First of all, happy April’s fools day everybody. The previous notice about this blog will shutdown is completely bogus. This blog is still in action and will be so onward. I guess a lot of you are completely aware that it is an April Fool’s day and for you who doesn’t think it is funny for me in doing so, I deeply request for your apologize. I bear no ill-intention to shock you and I shall reprimand you with some interesting post over the couple of days (Not today though, I’m now in a state of drunk).

I guess, I bear a deep apology to Farce90, who gives this prank too seriously, I hope you can forgive me, due. Also, for Sylph-chan who has been berating me with tons of message asking how this has happened. Lastly, those who didn’t think this prank is funny, I have no other words than say I’m sorry. I will do the best I can to reprimand my action and I will do so by posting a souple of posts that you might like.

Then again, happy April’s fools day and this blog shall go on normally the next day. Thank you very much for all your support either on this blog, my Facebook, or my DeviantArt account. It makes me feel such a special day that you are so caring for this blog.


39 responses to “Sumimasen, and Happy April’s Fools Day

  1. You will have to do more than that to calm them down, Kaza-kun. Good luck and I hope you survived, Tee-hee!

  2. *laughing my head off* Oh gosh Souza-kun! You nearly scarred off like, 10 years from my life span! I am going to SO kill you later! *still laughing*


  4. My advice to you Souza, sweet talk her. AND DO IT WELL. Even though men probably aren’t great at doing that…*cough* If I’m still around, I’ll try and calm her down for you

  5. I woke up and this I see that you have lied to me?! Eeep, then the words that I have said…?! *Blush* NOOOOOO!!! *Violently pick up a nailed club from the closet and swing it around*

  6. Haha…nice one there, Souza-san. I’d say that you caught many off guard.

    Good try though, but I knew that you were hiding something behind our backs from the start, so sorry there, I wasn’t fooled. Uhh…yea, now that you’ve said it out loud to the world, good luck on facing your hoarde of people ready to kick your butt for this joke.

    P.s. I’m agreeing with Misu-kun, that pic above is win.

  7. Lol it was a nice real prank till the end. I also offer my apology because half way through, I was also starting to lie to you guys.

  8. Ah, the classic tradition of pranking at its finest! I remember once when I was a wee lad, I put rubber bands around the sprayer at the sink. There was a lot of fun to be had there. Nice prank, thank goodness I noticed the date or I would have been deeply worried!

    I think the wrath of Slyph-chan has finally subsided for now, but you better watch your back Souza!

    Happy April Fools Day to all who flock to The Randomness Thing!!!

      • Haha, not even the great Night-chan can stay mad at Souza for long can she? Haha, I think Souza will survive this, and remember it for many many years! ^_^

  9. Guys, please no buttkicking. I’m a half drunk from last night and I’m on my way to Frankfurt to pick up my friend. I don’t want to vomit because of a violent shock to the behind.

  10. Eh… I shall have to think on this. I can’t be mad at you but I want to be. You did it only out of the spirit of the holiday. But still… I can’t completely forgive you, not yet anyway. It just seemed cruel to me. I care deeply about this blog, even though I don’t participate as often as I can. I’ll think on this…

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