Nichijou Episode 1: Mio-chan Selamat Pagi!

First time reaction… what the fuck?! I thought I downloaded a shitty Indonesian dubbing and I was assure that this is an April’s Fools prank. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, just jump forward to 02:35 where Yuko greets Mio with a Bahasa Indonesia “Good Morning!”, which is “Selamat Pagi!”. I thought at first, this was some shitty fansubbing dubbing Yuko’s voice, but then I came to think that I misheard her. But at the end, Mio replies to her greet with “Ohayou!” which is also meant “Good morning!”. So, I’m sure I didn’t mishear. Anyway, what a good way to make me hooked up to the anime, I’m definitely watching this series.


22 responses to “Nichijou Episode 1: Mio-chan Selamat Pagi!

  1. Aaah, so that’s where the phrase comes from. I was totally out of clue what they are talking about. So Sou-chan, Selamat Pagi!

  2. Screwed up version of Lucky Star???
    Anyways, I wasn’t sure if it was worth watching or not, now I know it is worth watching. xD

  3. I heard it! aahahahaa Selamat Pagi! xDD

    Btw what was she really saying? Cos I heard ‘Selamat Pagi twice another at 2:43

  4. I think it is as you have heard it. Because you will hear it again on 04:26 with another additional of “Selamat Malam”. So, I don’t think we all are mishearing. And Mio-chan was clueless about what language they were spouting, so I guess it was definitely not Japanese.

  5. Selamat Pagi, Selamat Malam… that is Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

    Selamat Pagi = Ohayou = Good morning = Gutten morgen

    Selamat malam = Konbawa = Good Night

    well, i am indonesian, so i cant stop laughing watch that scene

  6. selamat pagi :good morning selamat siang:good afternoon selamat malam : good night selamat ulang tahun :happy birthday

  7. At the train, i forgot the episode, mio-chan say “selamat tinggal” which is “goodbye”..
    I heard the author is fans of indonesia

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