Final Fantasy 7 AMV

Alright, this for all of you Final Fantasy fans out there. This one does really good with the syncing and I personally thought it was a pretty good song. Tanoshimu!


4 responses to “Final Fantasy 7 AMV

  1. I’ve seen this one some time ago, it’s a really well made AMV^^

    I just hope they’d stop milking the FF VII franchise and made something with FF VIII instead, but that’s not going to happen unfortunately T.T

  2. Well, I’m guessing it has to do with FF7 deep plot. You have Vincent who has he’s own story with Shinra for example, so FF7 storyline can be branched either prequel or sequel. FF8 is a little bit shallow other than Laguna’s potential plot development.

    Well, I do hope they made something with previous FF series just to quench the nostalgic thirst of the fans.

  3. The fact that they do focus on only one Final Fantasy franchise is something that is quite frustrating. There are many other good characters and stories in the other Final Fantasy’s. I just hoping they will finally figure that out, but alas, it does not look good.

  4. The syncing is incredible, to the beat and to the lyrics. Makes my day to be able to watch amazingly made videos like this. Thanks. ^__^

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