Beck Live Action Movie Review

Typically, anime adaptation to live action movie is not always lives up to its anime name. Well, for me Beck Live Action has been a blow out. They pick the right actors and the actors execute the story very well.

Not only that, Beck Live Action wraps its comical scene nicely and always made me laugh. There are three main strengths which makes this movie a blast. First, Ryusuke and Maho’s acting are very well done. They could speak English very well and doesn’t sound like they are trying too hard.

Next, Chiba which is usually a comedy reliever in the anime acts so badass in the movie without losing his humor or comical antics. I have grown an affection to Chiba character because he is the very definition of the underdog. His emotion during Beck’s movie is always enjoyable to witness

Last, Koyuki’s voice. For some reason, when he sings, his voice will be muted, leaving only either the spectator look of shock or either cutscene of ominous scenery. This concept is very creative, since you can imagine how Koyuki’s voice is such an enigma that it left the audiences speechless.

I will not give you any story for this review since you either have watched the anime version or it’s exciting to watch it for yourself. So let me close out this review by saying that this movie emphasizes on emotion and they bring it up very perfectly. You will be on a rollercoaster ride watching this movie as all those emotions in the movie really affects you.


12 responses to “Beck Live Action Movie Review

  1. =O Beck Live Action?! Do want!
    It was an inspiring anime, I’ll be watching this movie ASAP^^

    Also, about the 2 Miku corner calendars you posted: Kawaii =3

  2. Watched the movie last night, it’s even better than the anime O.o.
    The characters were really well done and they stayed pretty much inside the anime story. It was kinda disappointing when they muted Koiyuki’s voice though =(
    When I saw the anime it inspired me to keep practicing guitar and now with the movie I’ve found that inspiration again xD Can’t wait to get a bass >.<

    But I digress… the movie really surprised me; it's a very good adaptation and the actors were great!

    @Misukun: I found it at although the one I got from there has random advertisements to the fansub on the subtitles =X

  3. Well, I’m kinda relieve that they muted Koyuki’s voice. It will be very disappointing if he were to fucked up his singing. Instead, I could just imagine the emotion that people displays when they hear Koyuki’s singing.

  4. I have seen the movie and I think that overall it was done very well. I still would have like to have Koyuki’s character sing. His character is what drew me into the anime.

  5. It’s too late for me to watch this movie, but I really love it.
    even though Koyuki’s voice is muted but I think that’s the great decision so we won’t lose our high expectation about it.
    And I love Taira so much XD

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