Farce90’s Wallpaper Pack

I’ve managed to find some free time to make a post. My final class of the day was canceled and I’ve run out of things to do so I figured why not. Instead of making a crap ton of posts for each individual wallpaper I figured I would make a bundle out of them. Most of the included wallpapers are Touhou and then Vocaloid with a few other odds and ends tossed in. There would probably be more wallpapers but I’m pretty picky. I’ll try and continue my series some other time. I’ve been missing sleep lately and I haven’t been feeling too well either. I’ll see if I can’t get one up some time this weekend. Take care until then, everyone.

I would also like to extend a formal welcome to our newest Co-Authors. You know who you are! I hope you enjoy your stay.


4 responses to “Farce90’s Wallpaper Pack

    a couple of weeks a go i was looking for something like touhou-5.jpg pic to put in a slideshow for the Shinto religion speech i was doing!! darn a bit late, but i will keep it! Thanks!

    • Sorry about that. I’m glad you enjoy these though. If I had known anyone needed these for any reason I wouldn’t have hesitated to put them up earlier.

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