AnimeCon @ The Netherlands

Heeee! Before I go to work, I want to inform you about our AnimeCon in The Netherlands! This year I’ll be there 2 ;)! I just tracked my cosplay (From Japan!! *so happy*) and it’s in Amsterdam now. I can’t wait anymore! Ok, back to AnimeCon. Animecon takes place in Almelo on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (May 6th, 7th and 8th ). I will be there on May 7th with my friend. This year’s theme is Children of Night.

Now what will we expect on the Festival? There will be an Cosplay Competition (new: Euro Cosplay (10 countries will participate!)), game room, dealer room with, Aniway, Tokyo Doll (That’s my room!! *wants to buy Rin & Len stuff*) and many more.I just saw that AURAL VAMPIRE ( yes on Saturday!! *cries*) will come to Animecon!! (I love you guyss! T3T) I will take pictures, so don’t worry if you miss something. Maybe I’ll see you @AnimeCon! *jumps*


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