Hanasaku Iroha (First Look)

Hanasaku Iroha centers around Ohana Matsumae, a 16-year-old teenager living in Tokyo, who is left in the care of her estranged grandmother, following her mother’s elopement with her boyfriend. Ohana arrives at her grandmother’s country estate to realize she is the owner of a Taishō period hot spring inn called, Kissuisō. She begins working at Kissuisō, at her grandmother’s request, but finds herself at ends with many employees and customers at the inn. Initially feeling discouraged, she decides to use her circumstances as an opportunity to change herself for the better and to make amends with her deteriorating relationship with the Kissuisō staff for a more prominent future.

Now this is the “other” Slice of Life Drama anime that I said before that also has potential. Now on it’s 2nd episode, [b]HanaIro[/b], starts out laid-back, nothing worry about theme, until later on “Reality” slaps you hard in the face when Ohana learns that life isn’t what she imagined it to be. One of the good Drama animes this season, this is also a must watch. I can see this easily made into a J-Drama sometime.


“Hana no Iro (ハナノイロ)” by nano.RIPE


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