Vocaloid comics – Hatsune mix(ch.7)

Ok so in this new chapter we get to see the Miku and the Kagamine Twins finding jobs to pay for their own concert. Well, usually they have the money beforehand.The reason is that Kaito spent all the money buying ice creams. So off they go finding jobs. Well, they really search all possible jobs available to them.. One of them which Miku took was being an Elevator Girl. But things didn’t go well. Due to that, she had to find other jobs. Well, here we have Miku working as a voice actress. Anyway, there’s also an appearance by Haku and Neru in this chapter. Well, other than just Miku looking for the perfect job, even the Kagamine Twins were looking for some good jobs, but failed somehow. Well, in the end, they managed to collect enough money for them to do a concert. But is it a happy ending

Hatsune Mix 7 : Work Mix [link]


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