Google Chrome Theme: Black Rock Shooter 3

Another Black Rock Shooter Google Chrome Theme for you guys out there. Today’s an off day since it’s Easter day, so I would like to say Happy Easter day to all of you guys. I’m heading out to the town for a walk in the sun.

Skin Name: Black Rock Shooter 3

File Size: 2.9 MB

Color Theme: Turquoise & Black


Note: An explanation about how to use this file can be observed at the Chrome page. Happy downloading!


10 responses to “Google Chrome Theme: Black Rock Shooter 3

  1. *o* I wish I had Google Chrome, so I can use your skins XD

    Thanks for your comment on my blog..
    Yes, I guess it has, because my leash has been tightened to make sure I don’t fail at school and in life ^_^; Hai, let’s do our best *A* I hope I can get back by summer though…I really miss singing…

  2. Why don’t you download one? Well, school is important but having fun is also a must. I really love your voice, Vivian. I wish I have the chance to hear you sing again.

  3. err..
    I seem to be getting size messups on all the google chrome schemes I download ;A;..
    I tried to find out how to fix it, but cant seem how to.
    Do you have any idea? Since I really want to use this theme..

    • This theme is designed for 1440 x 900 resolution. If it is too big you can decrease the size of the picture inside the .crx file by changing it into .zip file. When you are done resizing the picture, don’t forget to revert it back .crx and reinstall the skin.

    • Looks like DeviantArt doesn’t allow hotlinking to the file anymore. When you are on the Deviantart page, there is a download button on the right side. Download from there instead.

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