The Randomness Thing Is Running Out of Space!

I feel really hesitant on announcing this, but unfortunately we are running out of space to upload our pictures to the website. We still have 357 MB though to fill in so I think we are still good. We could go for Photobucket to upload our pictures but unfortunately, it has a bandwidth limit (the picture can’t be viewed too many). Other picture hosting website also with annoying limitation as well. It’s either go to a third party hosting website or upgrade the space for this website which cost 20 dollars for 5 GB. So what do you think, guys? Would it be appropriate for us to ask for your money to expand TRT upload space quota?


25 responses to “The Randomness Thing Is Running Out of Space!

  1. Honestly $20 isnt much, and 5gigs for images should last you quite awhile. If someone has not donated(or if you need more :V), i got some money sitting in my paypal that :3.

    • Thank you very much, man. Well, I have my faith with the readers, so I guess if each of us donate 1 dollar we can get by this out of space problem. And Lucy offers such a nice gimmick that I shall do the same. If one of you donate at least 1 dollar, you can drop me an email to request 1 kind of Rainmeter skin, Google Chrome Theme, or Winamp skin (1 request for 1 dollar) and I will fulfill it within 1-3 days.

      • I think i’ll take you up on that offer ^^. But if $20 hasnt been made I guess just post again and I’ll donate any fill ins(I’m sure other people want to donate also).

      • I have put the donate button on the right sidebar of this website. I will keep track of the donators and will keep the list up to date. I think I will also put the names in the “About” section as an honorary mention.

      • Here you go 10$ went your way :) Enjoy and keep treating us with all the lovely stuff you give us :)

      • YES! Thank you very much! I will immediately upgrade the space so Lucy can start her wallpaper pack right away. You are a very generous person, Syrenia!

  2. This would help me as well so that Kaza-kun won’t be bothered by me berating to upload my wallpaper packs to his other website (I feel bad about it). Okay, if we succeeded in raising 20 dollars, I promise to create 5 wallpaper packs!

  3. Okay, I have list the donators on the About section so you can keep track about the donation. Thank you very much for your support and we will try to get better in providing you some good stuff to this blog.

  4. For 5$ (USD, that is) a year you can get about 21 GB at Google’s Picasa.

    If you need webspace I can provide you with some gigs at one of my servers, too. Might come in handy for statics, images, copy of WordPress etc. Just drop me a line; I would like to show gratitude to you for running a blog I enjoy. ;-)

    • Yeah, but can you delegate the privilege for uploading to all the authors in Randomness Thing? Because they might get confused if the uploading button is not integrated to the WordPress workspace.

      For Picasa, then after a year we have to pay again right?

      • Yes, the 5 USD for Picasa is a recurrent yearly fee. Quite fair for 20 GB in my humble opinion.

        With the webspace I offered you, you can share a FTP account or I can create, say, 20 which you can assign yourself. Or, I can grant you shell access if you want (SSH) and write a small script by which you can manage your FTP accounts. (FTP, SSH, FTPS – chose your flavour, all is possible.) Or, you can install “Gallery 2” from Menalto or similar.
        If you wanted, you can even move your WordPress installation there. My blog (amongst the most popular hosted in Germany) runs from the same cluster. ;-)

        For uploads to a second/third server, there is at least one plugin for WordPress. Googling “wordpress ftp second server” I’ve found one. How the integration with WP actually is I cannot tell, though.

      • Yes, that is why it is not easy for the other authors to do that. And Picasa doesn’t support hotlinking for images so I guess it is not a proper Image hosting website. And I guess we don’t want to go as far as moving to another server, dude.

      • You’re mistaken, mate. Picasa does hotlinking quite well. All do it all the time for epay and the such. ^^

  5. Can’t u host pictures using Dropbox. The minimum space is 2GB and can be expanded quite a bit through free means. In Dropbox’s Public folder when u right click a file it says, “Copy Public Link”, and you post that on the website.

  6. Hi…I am not sure if this helps… But I have more space & bandwidth on my web server I could ever even come close to using…I dont mind hooking you up with an FTP account…upload to your hearts content….still have 100TB of space…not to mention the fact that my bandwidth limit is that much per day….Let me know… if that helps any…

      • Well…my email is…

        As far as for the others…that is fine…. will have to get with them somehow… or you can do it…. send me an email… with your info you need…such as user name/ pass etc…

        I can also setup for the other authors as well… if they need it/ are interested… setting up an account takes no time at all….

  7. It helps for me but then again I don’t think it will be comfortable for the other authors to use FTP client to upload data. You also have to delegate 15 privileges for the authors, not to mention if there is a new author.

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