Cosplayer of the Day : Aida Yukiko

Nice to meet everyone!~ ^ ^
Feel free to address me as Aiko, I’m currently the newest/most inexperience member of TRT.
I’ll to looking forward to working with everyone, And i really hope that will not let anyone down because of my inexperience in blogging.
Also, Thanks Kazasou, Lucy and Ben for welcoming me and also thanks in advance to the others! ^ ^

Since it’s my 1st article, I’m kinda nervous that is not up to expectation. >.<”

Aida Yukiko is born on 10th Feb 198X in Aomori with a liking in Trickster and Pangya.
Has been cosplaying since year 2005 and her costumes/props are usually self-made with high accuracy.
She mostly love to cosplay characters from the VOCALOID series[ Often Miku].

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10 responses to “Cosplayer of the Day : Aida Yukiko

  1. Welcome to TRT Aiko-san! You’re a lot more creative then me with all this, xD. This is a nice new edition! I should do this as well…hahahaha

  2. Aiko-chan! Greetings my new friend! Welcome to TRT! I love the new addition to the blog. Cosplay artists definitely do not get some of the respect they deserve. I like this a lot! Keep posting!

    • Nice to meet you too!~
      Thank you so much and I’m really happy that everyone is looking forward to the next post ^ ^.
      Will definitely keep it up.

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