Featured Photographer: Kirawinter

After seeing Aiko-san’s first post, I was inspired to do this. If you guys have Deviantart accounts, then you probably know Kirawinter, the epic cosplay photographer.

If you don’t know anything about Kira, then let me sum it up for you in the epic photographer’s own words:


My name is Kira, I am cosplay photographer. Few years ago I also was a cosplayer, but now I only take photos.

I am Ukrainian, living in China. So you can talk with me in Ukrainian, Russian, English or Chinese. I am in :heart: with cosplay for more than 10 years, and most of all I love Chinese cosplay.

If you want you also can find my pics on my Russian homepage – kirawinter.ru
我也有中文网站 – t.sina.com.cn/kirawinter
Ask me anything – http://www.formspring.me/kirawinter

Anyways, here’s a bunch of photos that Kira took. A word on all of her amazing models: The girls are played by girls and the guys are played by guys…well, 9/10 times anyways

I know a lot of the guys look like they’re girls, but that’s just how awesome we Chinese people are. xD Now I’m sure you don’t want to be reading more of my jibber-jabber so here! *throws back the curtains* Prepare to be amazed!


2 responses to “Featured Photographer: Kirawinter

  1. It’s Nice Article :)~ *thumbs up!*
    I wanted to do something like this too but i was afraid i ran out of photog to feature…
    Maybe i will try giving a shot and see how it goes. ^ ^”

    • Well if you get someone who has a LOT of photos, it should be perfectly fine, don’t you think? But do what you see fit! I just got inspired…

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