Cosplay : ZONE-00 吉祥(Kisshō)

Thanks guys for all the compliments!! -bows-
For the readers and everyone else, if there is any request on characters, cosplayer or even photographers that you would like me to do, feel free to tell me~
I’ll try to submit 1-2 articles per week so i don’t flood the blog neither do i take too much time too much time for blogging. :S

Rather that doing articles on only cosplayers,I wanna do articles on characters too.So if the feedback is good, I’ll keep it up!!
Here’s the sample of a character article! Enjoy!~ ^ ^

Kisshō from ZONE- 00, one of the hardest character i find to cosplay.
You have to be small(Around 155cm & 40kg) , kawaii and have very fair skin.
Also your burst must not be too big because Kissho’s a MALE @ ~ @ … *TRAP ALERT*
His costume is also quite reviling, the top only cover half of his chest with a halter design for his wings,follow by a super mini shorts.
For Cosplayers who pays attention to details, the colorful tattoo designs all over his body are also very troublesome.
Another troublesome detail is the red super high heel, to walk in those i doubt they must to a ballerina or some dancer * o * !
Lastly i really hate the part where his costume must be made of PVC -hot hot , fans fans-

       橘 れみか                 山本 涼                     荼蘼                    椿はかな

        椿はかな                  咲 華乃                   Ruvi子               ネネコ

            EKI                   ☆こゆき☆            a s u m i ~ ☆              PINO

                 うりう                           Pon★                            組長


17 responses to “Cosplay : ZONE-00 吉祥(Kisshō)

  1. Ah, cosplayer… I remember I used to dream about dating one, but I guess that dream is just an impossible desire. Hahaha.

      • Oh, not necessarily exactly pack. Just some photos with Remika. I think she is sexy… and of course cool cosplayer
        XDD ^ ^ lol

  2. I has to say~ pretty cosplay =D
    I hope this upcoming Anime-Expo has great cosplays like Arishige~

  3. LOl this Cosplay it o_O cant say nothing about it lol is that girl a high schooler ? or something awesome cosplay lol

  4. OOps And one more thing lol what is she a japanese or a chinese dont look like english or any other except these 2 o_O!!!!!

    • All of them are different people so i can’t tell you their age :)
      But their name are below the image.
      I did a headcount of them and it sum up to 9 Japanese, 3 Chinese,1 Korean,1 Thai.

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