Toyota Commercial: Hatsune Miku’s US Debut…?

I’m going to lay of the beats today with a discussion/topic and debate today, guys. I’m surprised that nobody had mention this article/news yet. Chech this out:

Toyota Commerical – Hatsune Miku:


Yep. So apparently, it seems that Vocaloid Hatsune Miku is starting to break a US Debut inside a Toyota commercial. Yes guys, this is going to be aired up in America. I think maybe Canada too…well, one can hope. I myself am getting too hyped up for this, I know.

However, the discussion topic here is, will Americans actually accept this commercial? I mean, if Toyota really does air this on TV in America, will the people even bother? I know that many stereotypes out there say this is just plain BS and I even think that not much Americans will even know who Hatusne Miku even is. YTs responses are like a mix of positive and negative at the same time and this issue is brewing up for quite some time.

In my personal opinion, I would really love this debut. You may say that I’m just biasing because you all know I’m a huge crazed fan of Hatsune Miku but I also see the other side of this. Like some others say, think this commercial as more like Hatsune Miku being used by Toyota to be introduced to US and not the other way around, of using Hatsune Miku’s already hyped up Japanese fanbase to increase Toyota’s popularity. Besides, I heard that creators at Crypton FM is already planning a concept stage into making an english voicebank for Hatsune Miku so that means that this commercial is basically like killing two birds with one stone, if Crypton is actually going to make their Vocaloids to ship them overseas into North America.

So here’s today’s biggest question: What’s your opinion on this article? Comment that below and set up a debate guys cause I want to know all your opinions on this.

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24 responses to “Toyota Commercial: Hatsune Miku’s US Debut…?

  1. Worse than the car is the fact that she’ll be known to the general public of America as “that character from the Toyota ad” and she has brought us so much joy that she deserves way better.

    Mixed feelings on this one =S

  2. I guess I’m the odd man out in that I don’t like Hatsune Miku. Probably because I *really* can’t stand the sound of Autotune and what it has done to music, and her voice sounds heavily Autotuned.

    • She may sound autotuned in some songs but she can sound very natural in others :). Same goes for the other Vocaloids, it really depends on the song rather than the singer.

  3. I want Vocaloid debute @The Netherlands :( ..
    But I agree with Vsect .. This car sucks ..
    They need to debut her songs .. not Miku & a car.

      • Now that you mention it, what was the thought process behind this ad? O.o I mean, they’re associating their car with Miku, but the general public doesn’t know about her. The ad will be somewhat effective among those that know her but I think it will fail in promoting the vehicle to other people.

        In Japan I’d support this ad, but in America… I kinda fail to see its point.

      • Uh, I don’t know. Toyota’s slogan is “Dream big…” so that associates Miku’s dream of being an idol as the soundtrack plays her song of “World is Mine”. However, I don’t see how they would do it for American audience.

  4. sorry, don’t understand this phrase about “destroy the car image”.
    About me – i prefer american muscle cars from 60-70 with v8 engine and 500+ horsepower. ))

    • Yeah, that’s why Hatsune Miku image is not suitable for a sport car (or any kind of car). Kinda defeat the purpose of showing speed and power.

  5. Yeah,
    from what I know is that if her facebook page got over 25,000 likes that crypton would start making her an english voicebank, but apparently even they cannot predict when it will if it does, come out.
    Though I really dont think they should of gone about the ad the way they did.
    A song in a foreign language, that has some relation to it.
    Not everyone in america canada etc. at exactly big fans of this stuff :l..
    though I do wait for people that I know to let me see their reactions to this because they never expected her to go so big.
    ..Miku made a poor choice in car. Poor poor choice.

  6. Ahhh…… Slowly Miku goin’ to rule this earth….
    that’s why the song in the commercial is “WORLD IS MINE”.
    And what’s next?……..

    Miku : YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!


  7. ENGLISH VOICEBANK!?! YOU ARE KIDDING ME!! Thats stupid, for one thing it wont be popular in America cause nobody knows her here (I do! lol) Ppl will hate on her and the car for this….plus with english it will totally ruin Miku! If she did get popular I wouldnt want it to happen with an english voice bank, Id want everyone to be a fan for how the original Miku Hatsune sings….JAPANESE!

  8. Oh god.
    This is a unbelievably HORRID idea.
    Well first of all. English voicebank? Who are they going to use for that? Saki Fujita did an excellent job with Miku, IN JAPANESE; as it should be.
    Watch Hatsune’s breaks blow out and she crashes on the (hopefully done in the future) 405 freeway.
    Toyota, are you using Miku to boost yourself because you fail SO BADLY?
    If anything, they should have Miku in a Hybrid.
    I really don’t think Americans are going to take a liking to this at all. I’m Japanese, living in America and I don’t even support this ridiculous idea.
    Hatsune Miku is this best creation on this damned earth and I feel like this commercial is going to spoil everything Hatsune Miku stands for. (metaphorically speaking.)

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