Cosplayer of the Day : LALA二世(LALAax)

Hi everyone!~ ^ ^
I’m back and i had a very great weekend ~

Some of you might already know her, but still!!…
Today I’m introducing LALAax from China to you guys, at 1st i really have problem with her gender till i saw her info at coscure and had a little conversation with her [ But i’m still poundering over it!!! =3=… ]
I find her cosplay one of the closest to perfection and she is the type who is able to pull of super bishie guy characters that will make fangirls screams at the same time able to do bishoujo.
I would also like to say that not only is she good at cosplay , ers drawings are also worth looking at. [ Not sure if she does his own editing though… ]

Hope you guys will enjoy it :)

Cure / Blog / Deviantart

P.S. OK!! I’m Seriously Confused With Her Gender Now ):!!!


4 responses to “Cosplayer of the Day : LALA二世(LALAax)

  1. I know this is kinda late and all after you posting this but I thought you should know that LALAax is actually a male. It you go to his Cure account his gender is listed. It’s just confusing since he’s so good at crossplaying xD

      • LALAax is a boy,if you see that the other cosplay of LALAax has boobs.. its just a make up… and also other cosplayer girls uses chest binder if they will cosplay an anime boy character.. its just desame with LALAax,He uses a foam in his chest so that he looks like really a girl when he cosplay an anime girl character… and again.. LALAax is a boy.

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