VOCALOID:Append Photo Collection [Image Pack]

Should I? Should I not?
I’ve been wondering for quite sometime since yesterday should i gather up my Vocaloid append collection and share with you guys?
End up… I decided to share it  ^ ^”
So… pardon me if  they are not up to standard or there are any duplicate. x . x” [ I always save double by accident and didn’t notice it ): ]

Somehow whenever i see Miku:Append i’ll be very keen to save the image.I find her costume very unique and pretty, also the futuristic atmosphere she’s giving out is very attractive to me, maybe it’s because of the “glow” she’s giving out and how her hair always flows about. Rin & Len also came out with append version awhile later with very stylish futuristic wear too!! So I’m looking forward to see more official appends coming out! :D

Just curious, who’s append version do you wish to see next? :)
Personally i’ll wanna see Luka , Lily and Kaito’s append .

Download Link [83 Image] : http://www.mediafire.com/?q1i0r2twikcyw5f


*All Rightful Credits goes to their original artist.
I only take Credits for compiling this Image Pack for everyone to enjoy


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