Cosplayer: Meng Jia

Well, you guys might remember my little blog on the photographer Kirawinter. I featured a lot of her photos…and now I’m going to introduce to you one of her models, Meng Jia, who’s from the People’s Republic of China (my home country). As to whether Men Jia is a girl or boy…I’ll leave that to you to fantasize about.


5 responses to “Cosplayer: Meng Jia

    • A lot of us Chinese people can. Many guys have really delicate features, so it’s easy for us girls to pass off as guys and vice versa. I made a perfect Len on Halloween and nobody even figured out I was a girl. xD

  1. Owhhh gawwwdddd! He/She is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Like A real life ANime Character that just walked out of the screen!!!
    *fan girl screams~~~* Erhem, excuse me ><

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