Doujin Game: Koumajou Densetsu ~Scarlet Symphony~

Hey everyone, Randomness Thing is going to introduce a new post feature called Doujin Game and this is for everyone who are into games. I will post many games and mainly my focus is on PC games. You can check a listing of doujin games that has been posted (currently by me, but everyone is invited to contribute) in the Game section.

For the first post in this particular feature, let’s start with Koumajou Densetsu or you may also recognize this game as Touhouvania. You can tell by the title of the game that this Touhou game implements Akumajou Dorakyura or Castlevania gameplay.

If you are a fan of this game or if you are a fan of action adventure 2D game, maybe you want to play this game. So far, this game has 2 installments which the other one I will post briefly. You can check out the gameplay on the Youtube video I attached on this post.


English & French Patch:

Patch 1.04 –

Patch 1.04a –

Official Website:

Additional Installation note:

Because of important changes in the game, you have to uninstall the game and erase completely the game folder to use the version 1.04and 1.04a.
Then, you will have to install the version 1.00 and the patch 1.04.

Finally, you will have to download the patch 1.04a.
Then, copy and paste (overwrite) the patch folder into the game folder.

***How to install the game and set the language:***

First, install the Japanese font on your computer.

1. If you already played the game, uninstall the game and ERASE the game folder.
2. Set your computer in Japanese (in “Changing Language for non-Unicode Programs‎”).
3. Restart the computer.
4. Install the game from the CD. (version 1.00).
5. Install the patch 1.00->1.04 in the game folder (C:\Program Files\Frontier Aja\紅魔城伝説 緋色の交響曲\)
6. Copy the files included in the folder patch 1.04a.
7. Paste (Overwrite) the files in the game folder.
8. In the game folder, open config.exe and choose the language of the game.
9. Set your computer in the same language (in “Changing Language for non-Unicode Programs‎”).
10. Restart the computer.
11. RENAME the folder “紅魔城伝説 緋色の交響曲” in “Koumajou Densetsu – Scarlet Symphony”.
12. Launch the game with the file “Koumajou.exe” .
13. The game will start in the selected language and will display all characters properly.

We tried to do our best to translate the game in English and French.
Translation for doujin game is very rare in Japan but we always want to higher the quality of our games. For any comment or question concerning the game, feel free to send an email to

We hope you will like “Koumajou Densetsu – Scarlet Symphony”.
Thank you for your support.

Frontier Aja.


34 responses to “Doujin Game: Koumajou Densetsu ~Scarlet Symphony~

  1. I can’t figure out how to install this. The 1.00 download only had an ISO file in it, which are for the most part unusable without an external program (which I have but I don’t know if I need to use it). The patcher also just shows up a bunch of question marks for characters and I BSed my way through it and hoped it worked. Then I moved the 1.04a folder in and tried to run the .exe but got a weird error message I didn’t understand. Some help would be appreciated. And yes I read the little readme and other stuff but it didn’t seem to help much, especially considering there was no installer for the game.

  2. Okay, I have successfully install this. You might want to go to the Games section first so that you can install Unicode to your computer. Otherwise, you can’t copy the file to your computer.

    As for the ISO file, you need it to install the game. The patch only update the game and add English language functionality. Good luck!

    • I’m still confused. Perhaps I can get some more in depth instructions? The one’s above didn’t seem to help much, especially considering they assume you bought the game and own the disc.

      • …nvm
        completely disregard my former comment lol
        well…except for the MagicISO bit thats…relatively useful
        use it to unpack the ISO blah blah
        and and…dont use applocale cos cos….it’ll ave those japanese words in the game files and the patch wont work trust me, i spent a hour trying to work out why it wasnt working…D:)
        also also
        for some reason, there wont be a dss_p.dll file in your lib folder. What i did was copy the ds_p.dll fie and renamed it. I have no idea if this has any impact on the game cos cos, i havnt played it. Theres still one last hurdle to overcome…the japanese language settings…T_T

      • That’s okay. Now you need an ISO reader such as Daemon Tools, Alcohol, or MagicISO. Did you already do this?

      • Well, I had DaemonTools and then the trial ran out. I’ve used DaemonTools once before and I think all I had to do was mount the ISO to my disc drive or something?

        I also ran a quick search and found that I can burn the ISO or CUE and the bin that matches it onto a disc or something.

        I’m going to go download Alcohol right now so if you could jot down the directions for that, that’d be nice.

        Thanks again, ever-helpful Souza.

      • Farce, I’ve added an additional explanation on using a Virtual Image CD software. Go check the Games section. Once you done that, go explore the CD and click setup (or install) and bullshit your way to the end to install the game.

      • Alright, I’ve got them installed now I just gotta get them patched. Thanks for the help Souza, and I’m sorry if I annoyed you with all this. Thank you again, as always.

  3. hi im from México, i’ve been a while following the blog via mail subscription, i had various games thata i like to share with all the people in the blog, when i got a little of more time i upload the games and redact the text for the post, meanwhile i like to share this post of mine created in Taringa!!! ;), is about a doujin fighting game, a weird-freak, awesome game!!!, called “””Dong Dong Never Die PC/FIGHTER”””, ts a very good game witha KOF98 feeling, but with a cast of weird chinese people!!! ;) ;P……, sorry for my bad, and poor english :D!!!, i hope you can understand a little, ;)

    (the post is in spanish, but its not a big deal, only look at the video, search for the link, and download and enjoy kickin ass!!!! ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  4. once you finish the game, the extra stage will apear(i think it was like that) and i assure you, the final boss of the Extra Stage is a nightmare!!!cool game but damn that boss!

  5. I’m still getting an error message on the first one. The second one runs just fine. I’m kinda running out of options. The only other thing I can think to do is uninstall it and reinstall the entire thing. Anyone have any tips?

      • No. Its something in Japanese followed by something like ERC00130-14 which I have absolutely no idea about. I Googled it and that turned up nothing. I can’t get the game to start up because this message comes up and then the game closes. I’m also having some difficulty getting the second game patched to English if you wouldn’t mind helping me with that. Sorry again.

      • Hmm, I didn’t get that error, though. Maybe try to erase all installation of Touhou first? Because earlier you try to run the patch without installing the game right? Maybe that made the error?

      • Possibly. I’ll give that a shot. But what do I do about getting the second game into English? I checked the readme that came with the zip and it wasn’t very specific.

        And like I said, I’m sorry I have to keep bothering you like this, but these games look so good.

      • Re-installing seems to have fixed it. Now I just have to get the second one working properly. Thanks Souza.

    • Hi, leaving this comment in the hopes of any kind of help lol

      I’m having the same error message as Farce. I tried reinstalling the game multiple times but still no use. Anyone had the same error and got through that?


  6. I FINALLY got them both working properly and completely. I was having a problem with the patcher apparently. Thanks for the posts. I forgot to mention that sooner.

    And I again apologize for bothering Sou and cluttering the page.

  7. Cool! The game works fine! But is there a way to configure the keyboard controls? I’m used to control directional buttons with my left fingers and hit buttons with my right fingers. So are there any patch or tricks available to configure it?

  8. I can’t get this to work no matter what on my computer only. I have everything I need to get the game to work, I have made it work on many other computers, but when I get everything installed and ready to go, I launch the game and it crashes before it even starts. What is going on?

  9. Rediculous…
    There’s Gotta be a easier way to get this to work. *sigh*
    This Game look so badass. Im a huge Castlevania Fan So yeah. I’ll Keep Try till I get it.

  10. how do i play the game in japanese? i dont want to set my unicode to english because i have other jap games and mp3s it always ends up fucking with…

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