Random News Series Part 1 – Miku making a debut at Anime-Expo~

Hello everyone~

Mmm I do not know if anyone is in California and is going to Anime Expo in July, but apparently there is going to be a virtual miku concert there o_O;

“The concert will be the world’s first digital diva performing in 3D” -Article from Anime-Expo

makes me wonder if they are using the english database…
Well hopefully I can attend this.

Along with Miku it also seems Anime-Expo will include the chart-topping Japanese pop trio Kalafina, Japanese TV Host and blogger Danny Choo and voice actor Vic Mignogna. Themed the “Year of the Fan.”

The link is below with the details so wonder whats going to be in store!

Link: http://www.anime-expo.org/2011/05/12/japans-virtual-pop-star-hatsune-miku-to-make-u-s-concert-debut-at-anime-expo-2011/


5 responses to “Random News Series Part 1 – Miku making a debut at Anime-Expo~

  1. I’m back after a week of hiatus due to work.
    But anyway, wow – anime expo at California? According to where I’m curently residing in, Toronto AnimeCon is just about a little more than a week away (weekend of May 27).

    …wait, what? You guys over there get Miku while Torontians get nothing like that? That’s just not fair. T__T
    Omg, Kalafina and Danny Choo – you guys are so lucky over there.

  2. Exilo should come down and visit =O
    Visit us California and join Kesuki on her trip to Anime-Expo~
    … but I wish the others of RandomnessThing were able to go =(
    *is sad* x_x

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